Summer of Speed

This sounds crazy, but maternity leave was the perfect time for me to train for Boston. No, I wasn’t getting great sleep, but I wasn’t working so my day consisted of running and spending the rest of the day cuddling with Jane on the couch. When I went back to work I knew there was no way I’d be able to balance marathon training, being the Mama I wanted to be, and being a Principal. I’ve been focusing my attention on something that doesn’t come as naturally to me. Short distances.

Instead of 1K repeats on the track and 8 mile tempo runs I’ve been busting out 200s and 400s, chasing these speedy ladies. It’s really put me out of my comfort zone, but I’m loving the challenge. I do think in the long run this will help my marathoning. Screen Shot 2019-08-10 at 8.44.04 AM.png


My first race post Boston was the Leslie Cohen 5K. The best thing about this race is that I won and got $100. The course was long though, and it would have been a PR at like a 18:10 but I ran more than a 5K. It was a fun morning and the race was in my neighborhood, so it was a nice speed workout. 5kleslie.jpgLeslie.jpg

In May I raced the Armed Forces 5K in Torrance with Tania and Cambria. I came away with the win again, in 18:05. It made me think sub-18 was possible!


Screen Shot 2019-08-10 at 8.44.17 AM.png

Torrance Local News. I’m a celebrity!

The Brentwood Run in June was going to be my next shot at a PR. I wanted sub-18 but wasn’t feeling great during the warm-up and wasn’t too optimistic. That negative energy caused a positive split. But the beauty of a 5K, just get out there any try again in a few weeks.



We then switched gears and got into 1 mile training. I have CRAZY respect for short distance runners. I was legit nervous for that race. 5+ minutes of PAIN. I wasn’t sure I was tough enough. Those track workouts, though short, were ROUGH. 3×300 sounds easy to a marathoner, but when your training buddies are running them at a 4 minute mile pace it’s humbling. That’s me chilling in the back.


The mile race started at noon, which was different for me. I spent all morning thinking about the race. To be honest, I don’t remember much about it besides about 3/4 of the way in I thought to myself “What if I just stop?” which means I probably pushed myself pretty hard. I ran a 5:21 which was meh. I’d be curious to run a mile on a track rather than on the road with a hairpin turn.


Pre-race candid


What the heck am I doing here?


100 Meters to go

Last weekend a bunch of Janes ran the Pride of the Valley 5K. I was hoping my 1 mile training would help me out and I was FAR more relaxed for this race. The gun went off and I just felt good. I ran a beautiful negative split (which I rarely do in a 5K) and it served me well. 17:58 official time with a 5:47 overall pace. It felt good to break 18!


Breaking 18

So what’s training looking like these days? 3-5 mile easy runs, track Tuesday (12 x 200 or 4 x 400 and 4 x 200), maybe some hills or a 20 minute tempo on Thursday, and easy longer (Emphasis on longer. Not long.) runs on the weekend. I feel like I’m getting my running (and competing) fix without taking a bunch of time away from Brent and Jane. It’s less the training and more the marathon maintenance of massages, yoga, stretching, foam rolling, meal prepping for 3000+ calorie days that I’m enjoying taking a break from. Will I run another marathon, absolutely yes. I’m not done with 2:54 😝 

Random Racing + Pacing

My running life post Chicago Marathon has been glorious. Low mileage, BoxUnion and Barry’s with Marta, occasional racing, and a bit of pacing. The other day I ran past an empty soccer field mid-run was in the mood to run fast, so I did 10 sprints. Why not? It’s been a nice break from the super structure of marathon training.

Brent and I stayed in LA this year for Thanksgiving Ashley and Chad’s Wedding. We celebrated at a golf club in the mountains in Burbank. It was perfect. I have the best of friends. I’m still on a high from that day!


Despite getting home at midnight, the next day I work up early to run the Grand Prix Turkey Trot in Dana Point. Considering my mileage has been lower, I thought I might be able to run a PR. Marathon training exhausts my legs, so I’d been feeling a little more pep in my step. The gun went off and I tried to keep my teammates Julia and Rachel in my sight. First mile, 5:57. Oops! This is gonna hurt. I tried to slow it down a bit, but kept running sub 6:10. I thought to myself, “It’s a 10K. I’ll just let myself crash and burn. No biggie.” But I never crashed. I hit mile 5, and looked down at my watch and did a bit of math and thought “If I can run a final mile in 6:05ish I’ll run in the 37s.” I felt strong and confident, and was so excited to see a 37 on the race clock.Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 3.40.55 PM.pngScreen Shot 2018-12-02 at 3.42.17 PM.png
The weekend before Thanksgiving I ran my first cross-country 6K with the Janes at the USATF SoCal Cross Country Championships. My goal was not to be the slowest Jane. We’re openly competitive 🙂 The course was tough, but I managed not to trip or fall. Oh, and I finished smack in the middle for our team.


These days I’m loving the shorter stuff. I feel like I have a lot more to give in the 5K/10K. I love racing, and I can do it more often with shorter distances. I’ve also managed to run exactly 18:28 in the 5K THREE TIMES so I’m looking for a 5K to add to the schedule and lower that number. I’m hoping working on speed will help me in future marathons. I think I’ve got the endurance down; my legs just don’t love running fast.

The real highlight since Boston was TODAY at the California International Marathon. Ellen ABSOLUTELY KILLED IT! I last minute decided to head up there to spectate and pace for the final few miles. Spectating is no joke. Thank you to anyone who has ever cheered for me. It’s a different kind of stress! Sprinting to the car, avoiding road closures, looking out for your runner, praying they’re feeling good. Oh it was so amazing to watch years of hard work pay off today. When I first met Ellen she had never run a marathon, she ran her debut at LA in 4:02 and today she joined the sub-3:10 club running a 3:08. Sub-3, we’re coming for you! I am so so so so proud. It was so amazing to see her execute what I know she has had inside her for a very long time. And to think, this is only the beginning.



Huge thank you to the Mulholland family for their hospitality. I always love spending time with them 🙂 Now I’m off to celebrate the Brent. Happiest of birthdays to my 35 year old partner-in-life.


The Windy City

In three weeks I’m running the Chicago Marathon. I had the amazing opportunity to run as part of the American Development Program, starting up at the front with some of my favorites, like Amy, Gwen, Jordan, and Alexi! I’m a midwest girl. I couldn’t say no to the opportunity. I’ve done my homework. I’ve put in the work. Now it’s time to nail a few last pace workouts, rest my legs, and train my mind. Am I the only runner out there who talking themselves out of an “A” goal? I dwell on the workouts I wasn’t able to hit. I think about all the reasons my goals are impossible. I think about all those miles I wasn’t able to hit the prescribed pace. For these next few weeks I’m taking Deena Kastor’s advice, and reminding myself of why I’m deserving of a stellar performance. I’m thinking about all those times I nailed my workouts. I’m thinking about the fact that I put in the work while building a school. Success in the marathon is about consistency, enduring hard work, and raw grit. I can’t wait to take another stab at it. Full update this weekend with my key workouts, but I’ll leave you with a few photos from my favorite runs this cycle and from EQ3’s new building.IMG_0030.JPG

Sunday recovery runs with the Lady Pack!


First cross country race since high school at the UC Riverside Invitational with the Janes!


On a dirt road in NamibiaIMG_0161.JPG

And EQ3’s brand new home!