Southern California Fall Running Events

On June 20th I leave for New York City for six weeks. I’ll be finishing up my Masters in Educational Leadership at Columbia. I’m looking forward to reconnecting with the program cohort, but am feeling anxious about the workload. I’m mentally preparing myself for a summer of very little sleep and much less running. Any spare time will be spent with my sister Carmen and her husband Jim, as well as a few high-school friends from England.


Running with Matt and Meredith in Central Park

Aside from our coursework in Legal Issues, Resource Allocation, Organizational Development and Data-Driven Leadership, our cohort will be completing a New School Design Project. We have all been placed in groups of five and have been assigned the task of designing an high-performing, innovative school for urban students. Our comprehensive school application will be presented to and critiqued by a panel of leaders in the education world. The presentations will provide a space to share expertise on how to close the achievement gap.


Columbia University

Last summer I was lucky to squeeze in a 3 mile run before class. My pace was significantly slower, likely due to lack of sleep and humidity. I’m not setting summer mileage running goals. We’ll see what I can fit in. I’lll be excited to get back into the swing of things in August and will be ready to run some fun races in the fall.

I’d love your help in selecting fall races. What should I sign up for? Long Beach? Ventura? Malibu? What else is out there? Comment with your pros and cons.

5 thoughts on “Southern California Fall Running Events

  1. Hi Cristina! I’ve run Long Beach and Rock n’ Roll L.A. I prefer the scenery of Long Beach, but if you’re chasing a P.R. I recommend L.A. As far as half marathons go, it’s straighter, shorter, and flatter, and the post-race amenities are top-notch. They generally have a great headliner concert too!

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