Carbo-Loading Foods

bb5e7-photo4Lemon Orzo with Roasted Vegetables

Kale Almond Pesto

Lazy Polenta Lasagna

Penne with Brie, Mushrooms and Arugula

Sesame Peanut Soba Noodles

Pesto Stuffed Shells

Truffled Pappardelle with Heirloom Tomatoes and Spinach

Make your Own Pasta!

Portobello Penne with Caramelized Onion and Goat’s Cheese


photoMacaroni & Cheese

Spinach Portobello Lasagna

Dark Chocolate Linguine

Sweet Potato Orzo Stuffed
Acorn Squash

Toasted Ravioli

Farro with Sausage and Mushrooms




Pesto Pea Orzo

Farro Pizzichi Lasagna Soup

Sweet Corn and Mascarpone Lasagna

Turkey Sausage Lasagna

Spicy Turkey Meatballs and Spaghetti

Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto

Spaghetti Bolognese



Italian Baked Farro

Fire Roasted Pasta

Spinach Walnut Pesto

Pappardelle with Hot Sausage and Mushrooms

Mendocino Farms Inspired Curried Israeli Couscous

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