The Roaring Twenties!

They say female long distance runners are like wine, they get better with time. I’m turning 30 on Saturday, which can only mean more PRs are heading my way ūüôā¬†30. It sounds so mature.¬†Here’s how I’ve been spending my last few days of my twenties.

Nothing like a Friday night tempo before drinking Golden Monkey’s and cooking up a storm with Alaina, who catered Ma’ayan’s Baby Shower yesterday. Averaged about a 6:50 per mile. I’ve really been enjoying my evening runs as a time to¬†process the day and set goals. It does take a bit of meal prep so that I don’t end up eating dinner at 9PM. More on that below.


Saturday morning¬†I ran 10 miles with Ellen and Peter. Ellen and I ran¬†6 more with runMDR. The route was a trip down memory lane. Ran up Ocean Park to Barrington, and back to the beach on Palms. Nice and hilly. We passed my old neighborhood, Mar Vista, from when I first moved to LA. We passed Brent’s old apartment and ran the route Brent and I ran from Palms down to the beach and back when we first started dating. When we got back to Venice, we ran down Abbott Kinney and back to The Starting Line. We ran the last six with a private pilot who was in town with his client. I love meeting random people at runMDR. He ran passed while we were stretching and asked to join in. It was fun to meet someone new, and learn¬†about the lifestyle of a private pilot. Made the miles fly by!¬†We ran the full 16 miles averaging 8:33. Maybe a bit¬†too fast for a long run, but we talked the whole time so I’m thinking the pace was probably OK.

Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 7.49.52 PM

Here we are celebrating¬†Ma’ayan, Jesse and Critter a few hours after the run! I hope I am as cute as she is when I’m pregnant.


Alaina catered all the food. The big hit was the BBQ Chicken. That sauce. Lucky for me I got a jar to take home ūüôā I made the Wild Cherry Sangria. Super easy to make, and unless everyone was just trying to be nice, it was well liked. 1 bottle red wine, 1 bottle Villa Italia Blood Orange from Trader Joe’s, 1/2 cup tripel sec, and 3/4 cup wild cherry vodka. I chopped up an apple and threw in a small container of frozen blueberries. Probably should have thrown in some frozen cherries as well. Next time!

This week I treated myself to ubereats.¬†I had a $25 credit so I bought these two beautiful boxes with a smoked¬†gouda turkey sandwich, two macarons, chips and an edamame salad.¬†I usually pack my lunch. Cheaper and healthier. But I can DEFINITELY see myself doing this every once in a while as a nice lunchtime treat, especially since I have the type of job where I¬†can’t leave the building.¬†FullSizeRender

And it¬†wouldn’t be August without a trip to the¬†Teacher Store, Lakeshore. So many fun borders!


And this morning after lulu, The Three Amigos went to Air Aerial Yoga. It was a good arm work out, and gave a nice stretch. Why not do a quad stretch while upside down?IMG_1478 FullSizeRender_1

After yoga I went to the airport to pick Brentford up. He was in Abilene, TX for his grandma’s birthday. Happy to have the hubby back! We went for a lovely walk on the beach. Ahhhh I love Playa del Rey.FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRender_2

And because this week will involve a few late after-school meetings and post-work running, I made a two batches each of picadillo and farro with sausage and mushrooms, one for the freezer and to eat this week.

FullSizeRender_3 FullSizeRender

My lunch is packed, my dinners are ready to go. Ready to tackle the work week, and my final week as a 20 something.

Finding Running Inspiration

Sister running is the best kind of running. It really is therapy. Summer is my favorite time of year and right now¬†I’m loving my¬†work life, I have more time to spend with¬†friends, I¬†just went on¬†an incredible trip to South America with Brent¬†and I’ve booked a trip to see family in Michigan at¬†the end of the month. Life is good. Running on the other hand…I just hadn’t¬†been feeling inspired. I’ve been running regularly, but I haven’t been excited about¬†pushing myself. I’ve been reluctant to sign up for¬†races, and I don’t really have anything specific I’m working towards. Marta and I set out for a tough¬†trail run on Friday morning. We diagnosed my apathy with the fact that for two years my focus was Boston. It surpassed my expectations, and now¬†it’s over.


IMG_0996She listened to my dumb analysis and sympathized. I recognize there is so much more to life than running, but I do love setting running goals, coming up with a plan and working hard to meet those goals. It helps me work towards excellence in all aspects of life. I finished the trail run being reminded that¬†I haven’t reached my running potential. I felt amazing at Boston, and New York is the next opportunity to see what I’ve got. It’s New York!¬†Tough, but a¬†world-renowned race. I devoted this weekend to getting pumped¬†and¬†excited¬†for the New York Marathon 2015!¬†Here’s what I did…

I bought¬†new shoes at Road Runner Sports in Santa Monica. Check out my new Mizuno Wave Rider 18s!¬†FullSizeRender_1I ran a progressive¬†four mile run on the treadmill. I rarely run on the treadmill, but sometimes it’s fun to hop on and go short and fast.FullSizeRender

I came across this video of a 71-year old woman finishing a hundred miler. So incredible! Click on the photo to see the video.

Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 11.15.59 AMI dug out my Boston plan and adjusted the dates for New York. Might need to adjust to ease into the higher mileage I’m supposed to be running next weekend.¬†Definitely not ready for 18 miles!Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 11.18.55 AMBrent and I celebrated the 4th at¬†RunMDR’s rooftop. Nothing like celebrating the 4th with¬†some burgers,¬†beers, and fellow nerdie runners.FullSizeRender_2

I ran long with the group this morning. Getting back into 8+ mile runs. Currently sitting on the couch with my bowl of oatmeal, figs and peanut butter and coffee. FullSizeRender_4

FullSizeRenderIt’s also been forever since I’ve posted my mileage and workouts. Time to be a little more strategic about what I run, and not just running random five milers. After a much needed break, I’m ready and excited to push myself and run with a purpose, and as an accountability tool I’ll be posting them on my weekly updates ūüôā

Oh and below are our final pics from Montevideo. The first collage is from La Rambla, a 13 miles coastal beach path in Montevideo. Montevideo is a super active running city. Although female runners beware, the men do NOT like it when you pass them. The might just randomly sprint past you to make a statement. The second is from our anniversary dinner and photos from our wanderings in Montevideo.

IMG_0925 IMG_0949

Girls on the Run Charity Relay, Random Pics + Last Week’s Runs

It’s official. I’m running the Los Angeles Marathon again…half of it. This year Ellen and I are teaming together to run the Los Angeles Marathon Charity Relay for Girls on the Run of Los Angeles. We’re setting the goal of¬†raising $1000 for the cause. All the money we raise will help fund the KIPP Academy of Opportunity Girls on the Run Team. 100% of our girls receive scholarships to participate in this empowering¬†program. Help us reach our goal!¬†

In other news, maybe I would have been more excited about halloween if I came up with this idea.Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 12.01.18 PM

I finally made an omelet¬†that didn’t turn into scrambled eggs. I may have overdone it with the spinach 3 (7)

Mama and I choose a new recipe every week for Sunday night dinner. This week we made chimichurri chicken. photo 4 (6)

Brent and I had dinner at The Tasting Kitchen on Abbot Kinney in Venice last night. We went with the 5 course tasting meal, which is essentially whatever the chef feels like making. This was one of our appetizers, oxtail ragu with grilled bread. We drank lots of wine, ate steak, fish, bone marrow, pasta, dessert. It was incredible. photo 2 (21)

I spent a lot of time at the beach this weekend. It was cooler and cloudy, a nice change of pace in 5We made our mark in Playa by buying a bottle of wine at Bacari PDR. If you buy a bottle they’ll hang it up on the ceiling! We ate lots of mac & cheese, pork skewers and had bone marrow here too. Bone marrow twice in a week!? Fancy! (For those of you who haven’t had it, it tastes like meaty butter)photo 1 (21)¬†Here‚Äôs what I ran last¬†week:

  • Monday: Off
  • Tuesday: MDR Track Club (4¬†x 300, 3 X 800, ¬†4 X 200)
  • Wednesday: Four¬†Mile Run with Back on My Feet (7:20 Average)
  • Thursday:¬†Off
  • Friday:¬†Eight Mile Run with Gisele in Palos Verdes. It was SOOOO BEAUTIFUL! We saw¬†the sun rise. Also, FYI SoCal runners, you can park for free at the Terranea¬†resort at the lot left of the roundabout.
  • Saturday:¬†Eight Mile Run with Lauren and Ellen followed by Beach Runner’s Boot Camp with RunMDR¬†(sprints, squats and drills on the beach!!!)
  • Sunday: Eleven¬†Mile Run at Lululemon