Ten Photos

Ahh! October ūüôā Most educators cringe when you say October, but I’ve been ready for it.¬†Ever since we got back from Paris it’s been GO GO GO.¬†Moving apartments, moving school sites, a public hearing for our permanent facility, the LAUSD Oversight Visit, neighborhood council meetings, challenging scholars, Back to School Night, doubling the number of staff and students…I could go on.¬†It’s been a lot and I am excited for things to calm down a bit. This week I only have one¬†after-school¬†event! And tomorrow we have a training¬†day so I don’t have to be at work until 7:00 am. What a treat! Hoping the chart below is inaccurate for the rest of 2016-2017 school year.


On to 10¬†highlights from¬†the past two weeks…

  1. I finally did it. I finally bought magnets and super glue and made these out of some of my race medals.

2. Yesterday I went to yoga after a long hiatus. It was good for the soul.FullSizeRender_1.jpg

3. I babysat Carly last weekend while Alaina was in San Diego. She’s a fun cuddle buddy.¬†

4. After the LAUSD oversight visit it was picture day at EQ3. Here are our Mount Saint Mary’s cuties practicing their¬†smiles.

5. Work meetings are more fun with pastries and snobby coffee from The Alchemist.
6. Thanks for the free Blue Apron, Alaina. The eggplant pita was my fav! Unlike other bloggers out there, I’m not paid to say that.¬†
7. There’s nothing like sister time. Yesterday Marta and I hung out at the beach and had margaritas and fish tacos from Provisions after. Seriously though these fish tacos. I’ve had them twice in the last two weeks. The crunch. The slaw. The aioli. Droool.

8. Last weekend Anna was visiting from San Fran, so Ellen, Anna, and I went to the Abbott Kinney Festival. Happy to report I got enough larabars to last me a week, got some new bamboo shades from Spruce. Fun fact that I didn’t know it at the time… Brent used to work with the guy who started the business. I also took a creepy stalker picture of Bruce Willis while we were at Erewhon. Gotta get your acai¬†bowl. Top left if you want to zoom in.¬†IMG_5413.JPG¬†9. My job is so random. A few days back I was called to remove a bee from a classroom.¬†FullSizeRender.jpg

1o. Anything for my EQ3 staff and kiddos. I mean, who doesn’t want to work hard for first graders¬†like Rodney.¬†IMG_5395.JPG

New Year’s Resolutions

2015 was good to me both personally and professionally. My team and I opened an elementary school, Brent and I celebrated our five year anniversary in South America, we took¬†lots of weekend trips to visit¬†family, and I did a little bit of running ūüôā Here are my best nine of 2015! I was happy that only 2 were running pictures. I love running, but I don’t want it to be my entire life.


I’m not big into New Year’s resolutions.¬†I constantly evaluate¬†and adjusting my goals, but the new year is a great time to think broad. Here is what I am thinking big picture, and will impact my weekly and monthly goals.

  • I’m committed to meeting¬†my school goals with 80% of scholars reading at or above grade level by the end of the year and 80% of scholars meeting/exceeding their MAP reading growth goal.
  • This is dumb, but I’d like to get¬†monthly pedicures so that I don’t have to be hide¬†my runner feet.
  • 2015 was a year of PRs in the 10K, half and marathon. I think I have a few more¬†PRs left in me. I’d really¬†love¬†to PR in the 10K and marathon this year. I think I would pass out of excitement if I got close to a 3:10 in the marathon. I know I can do it if I stay injury free, have good race conditions at Boston, and wake up energized and ready to run. Oh the marathon, it’s so much more than what you’re capable of. Setting marathon goals really is a gamble. There is so much that is out of your control.
  • I’d like to be¬†a little more adventurous with my weekly meal prep.¬†I’ve got my go-to homemade pizza, roasted veggies, and tacos. I want to expand a bit. I started with making mole and salsa verde yesterday! Today I made a huge batch of curried couscous for this week’s lunch.
  • I’m not sure how to make this measurable, but Brent and I want to take advantage of LA cultural events. We have a LACMA membership (thanks Mama and Papa), we’d like to go to more shows, visit more museums, attend more community events, etc. Maybe plan out two events a month? Today we’re driving up to Los Feliz to wander on Hillhurst and Vermont. Maybe pick up some Jeni’s ice-cream?
  • I’d also like to work on being on my phone less. Emails don’t have to be responded to immediately. I don’t have to refresh every 5 minutes. Any tips?

And a few photos from Mexico. Aren’t my parents cute?¬†

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 11.01.21 AM

City of Angels from the sky. I love this place.

I love running in my neighborhood. No, I didn’t run on water. Ran to the end of the Venice Pier and back. 11 easy miles. Perfect running conditions.Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 11.06.34 AM

And my cooking adventures. Found a great use for my nutribullet!  

Mole mole mole!  

Playa at sunset during our evening beach walk. ¬†¬†Time to go enjoy my last day of vacation. Tomorrow it’s back to my 5am wake up call, and back to school. 8 mile run with 3 x 8 minutes tempo to look forward to after work ūüôā


They say being¬†grateful¬†leads to a¬†happiness. Studies suggest that¬†those who regularly express their gratitude sleep better, get along better with others, are physically healthier, and achieve more. At¬†Equitas Academy #3 we don’t simply teach our scholars to say thank you, but we work with them to¬†reflect on all positive they have in their life. On Sunday evenings as I’m getting ready for the week¬†I reflect on my goals from the previous week, set goals for the upcoming week, and identify something I am especially grateful for. Here is what’s been on the list lately.

I’m grateful for Playa del Rey. I love my easy-going¬†beach¬†community.


I’m grateful for my school. I love going to work, I love the teachers I work with, and I’m thankful for our supportive families. I finally feel like I’ve found my home in education.

I’m grateful for watchless November! Although it’s starting to drive me crazy running aimlessly with no goal, I know it’s good for me ūüôā

I’m grateful for Brent. He is so supportive of my career, my goals, loves to travel, shares my love for my family. I’m so lucky to have him!¬†

I’m grateful for PRs in the marathon, 10K, and half marathon this year. I’m ready for more, but I’m not sure how many PR years I have left in me so I’m soaking it in while I can. I’m also thankful for enjoying the journey with my running buddies.


I’m grateful for my best friend, Alaina. I wouldn’t where I’m at in my¬†career right now without her.

I’m grateful for my Godson, Colby. I love him so much!¬†img_0529.png

I’m grateful¬†for my sisters. They’re all so successful and such strong¬†role models.


I’m grateful¬†for my parents. I hope to raise my kids in the way they raised me.


At times I feel undeserving of everything I’ve been given in life. I aspire to serve others in the way I’ve been served.¬†What are you most thankful for this year?