Are you a shoe snob?


This recently came up on my instagram feed. Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 3.19.42 PM.png

Am I the only runner that doesn’t have shoe brand loyalty? I went through a Nike Free phase. People thought I was crazy to run marathons in Nike Frees, but they worked for me. I bought men’s because the women’s shoes were too narrow for me. I think I got sick of wearing manly looking shoes, so I switched to Asics. They were OK, but felt a little heavy and clunky. Lately I’ve been wearing Mizunos, but they feel a bit too narrow. Maybe I just need to admit I have wide feet and order wider shoes online. I won a pair of light Skechers back in September and have been using them for track workouts and races. Maybe I’ll test out their other models. If they’re good enough for Meb and Goucher, they’ve got to be good for me, right? I am rambling and this is dumb.

Other running related stuff on my instagram feed. One of the many reasons I love Desi Linden. She’s a beer snob who loves to run. I’ll be cheering for her at the Olympic Trails next week. I can’t wait!Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 3.32.52 PM.png

I like blogging weekly. It’s my Sunday routine. I write for me. I like the idea of having a journal of my running journey to look back at. I don’t have aspirations of being a famous running blogger. I think having to do sponsored posts would be pretty awful. Posing with random products, pretending they’re revolutionary. Not my thing. Anyways, I skipped last Sunday. We were on our way back from Oklahoma. There’s been a lot going on in Brent’s family. Last week he lost his Aunt to liver cancer and his Grandmother to a stroke. Brent, being the incredible person he is spent time with both of them in their last days, then flew back to Oklahoma and Texas for both funerals. Now we’re on our way to DC for the Teach For America Summit. Brent is on his 8th flight of the year. We’re excited to spend time with TFAers and the family.

Weekly mileage is steadily increasing. My favorite workout this week was 10 miles with 3 x 10 minutes at tempo pace. I ran a 7:20 average for the whole run, and my tempo average was 6:35. I was a little annoyed I couldn’t get it down to 6:30, but the beach was super windy. After my run Brent and I went to The Tripel for a much needed date night. We sampled some new menu items. Black Rice Paella, Carbonara and the Kale Salad.




And in school news, several of our scholars are scoring at a 2nd grade level…IN KINDERGARTEN! Our teachers are amazing. We had a celebratory lunch for them.


And last, I hate asking for money, but I have to ask for donations for Ellen and my City of Hope Fund.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 3.50.00 PM.pngEspecially considering having just lost Aunt Donna to cancer, it is a cause that is very important to Brent and I. Click here to donate. Thank you 🙂

Adios California

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Hello from 30,000 feet up in the air. I splurged on internet to get a bunch of reading and work done, and am currently taking a quick brain break. Yesterday I finished my Mizuno Baton Challenge, and although I loved the experience, I am excited to cut down on mileage. I have NEVER run 85 miles in a week. I didn’t even think it was possible. It’s amazing how long runs just fly by when you’re taking it easy with friends. It’s also crazy how much mileage you can squeeze in when you get creative (two milers during half time of a world cup match and running to the beach and back while Alaina showered at our place post Back on My Feet). For my final run I went from Manhattan Beach to Redondo Beach and ran into Joanna along the path! Joanna taught at KIPP for four years, and is moving to Florida next week. We’ve always bonded over our love of running, and at school are known to be the crazy runners. It was very appropriate to say goodbye on a run. Joanna, what is your secret to those super toned arms!?

lg_369BDB7E-5056-A015-DABC916DEBF9AFBB10298665_10152603748867932_3922848568326888017_nLast night we went to our FAVORITE KIPP event MOKA, the Museum of KIPP Art. Our incredible art teacher, Karen, showcased KAO’s best work at the silent auction. (Karen, I stole some of your pictures) The event was hosted at CityScape with a view of downtown. It was the perfect way to spend my final evening in Los Angeles.

Bert and Ernie

Bert and Ernie




I spent my final morning in LA with a nice run along the beach in Playa with Brianna. Brent and I had lunch together before he took me to the airport. I won’t see him until he comes to NY for the 4th of July 😦 I’m gonna miss the Brentster! OK, I better get back to work . I’m looking forward to updating you on my adventures in New York!

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My hot husband



Mizuno Baton Update

Last week I started the Mizuno Baton Challenge in support of Back on My Feet. For every mile I run this week, Mizuno will donate $1 to Back on My Feet. It’s been a fun challenge for me before I leave for New York. It’s also been a great (free) way to spend time with my friends. This week I have embraced the double run, running a few miles with Back on My Feet (Alaina ran her first three miles this week!!), then later with Brent, and I’ve also thrown in a track workout with Gisele and Joe down in Long Beach with A Running Experience (AREC).

[Side note: I wish I lived closer to Long Beach. AREC is such a fun running group. Everyone is super friendly, it attracts all runners and has a family feel. More on AREC in a later post.]

So according to the app I am nearly at 60 miles. The baton is a little generous. I ran 10 miles with Brent and it logged me at just over 11, so I’m gonna go for 80 knowing I probably ran more like 70/75. This is MORE mileage than I have EVER run. Check out my tips and a few pics below.

photo 1 (3)

A few tips if you’re planning on doing a Mizuno Baton App week:

1. Run SLOW. You’ll be able to run much higher mileage and recover quickly if you take it easy.

2. Don’t do the Santa Monica Stairs on your first day. That was a dumb idea.

3. Make it social. Run with friends. Visit new run clubs. Do the Mizuno Challenge with a friend.

4. Did I mention run slow?

photo 2 (5)

AREC Track Workout, Joe’s Bday Celebration at BoMF, Running on the Beach with Balloons, Santa Monica Stairs

Final update coming Friday morning!