The Roaring Twenties!

They say female long distance runners are like wine, they get better with time. I’m turning 30 on Saturday, which can only mean more PRs are heading my way ūüôā¬†30. It sounds so mature.¬†Here’s how I’ve been spending my last few days of my twenties.

Nothing like a Friday night tempo before drinking Golden Monkey’s and cooking up a storm with Alaina, who catered Ma’ayan’s Baby Shower yesterday. Averaged about a 6:50 per mile. I’ve really been enjoying my evening runs as a time to¬†process the day and set goals. It does take a bit of meal prep so that I don’t end up eating dinner at 9PM. More on that below.


Saturday morning¬†I ran 10 miles with Ellen and Peter. Ellen and I ran¬†6 more with runMDR. The route was a trip down memory lane. Ran up Ocean Park to Barrington, and back to the beach on Palms. Nice and hilly. We passed my old neighborhood, Mar Vista, from when I first moved to LA. We passed Brent’s old apartment and ran the route Brent and I ran from Palms down to the beach and back when we first started dating. When we got back to Venice, we ran down Abbott Kinney and back to The Starting Line. We ran the last six with a private pilot who was in town with his client. I love meeting random people at runMDR. He ran passed while we were stretching and asked to join in. It was fun to meet someone new, and learn¬†about the lifestyle of a private pilot. Made the miles fly by!¬†We ran the full 16 miles averaging 8:33. Maybe a bit¬†too fast for a long run, but we talked the whole time so I’m thinking the pace was probably OK.

Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 7.49.52 PM

Here we are celebrating¬†Ma’ayan, Jesse and Critter a few hours after the run! I hope I am as cute as she is when I’m pregnant.


Alaina catered all the food. The big hit was the BBQ Chicken. That sauce. Lucky for me I got a jar to take home ūüôā I made the Wild Cherry Sangria. Super easy to make, and unless everyone was just trying to be nice, it was well liked. 1 bottle red wine, 1 bottle Villa Italia Blood Orange from Trader Joe’s, 1/2 cup tripel sec, and 3/4 cup wild cherry vodka. I chopped up an apple and threw in a small container of frozen blueberries. Probably should have thrown in some frozen cherries as well. Next time!

This week I treated myself to ubereats.¬†I had a $25 credit so I bought these two beautiful boxes with a smoked¬†gouda turkey sandwich, two macarons, chips and an edamame salad.¬†I usually pack my lunch. Cheaper and healthier. But I can DEFINITELY see myself doing this every once in a while as a nice lunchtime treat, especially since I have the type of job where I¬†can’t leave the building.¬†FullSizeRender

And it¬†wouldn’t be August without a trip to the¬†Teacher Store, Lakeshore. So many fun borders!


And this morning after lulu, The Three Amigos went to Air Aerial Yoga. It was a good arm work out, and gave a nice stretch. Why not do a quad stretch while upside down?IMG_1478 FullSizeRender_1

After yoga I went to the airport to pick Brentford up. He was in Abilene, TX for his grandma’s birthday. Happy to have the hubby back! We went for a lovely walk on the beach. Ahhhh I love Playa del Rey.FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRender_2

And because this week will involve a few late after-school meetings and post-work running, I made a two batches each of picadillo and farro with sausage and mushrooms, one for the freezer and to eat this week.

FullSizeRender_3 FullSizeRender

My lunch is packed, my dinners are ready to go. Ready to tackle the work week, and my final week as a 20 something.

5 Free Things to do in LA + What’s Been Cookin

I want to start this post by congratulating Andrea on finishing her first marathon at the Banff Marathon yesterday! The video Alaina posted of her crossing the finish line was awesome. She looked SO strong! I’m hoping Andrea¬†posts a review on here ūüôā The pictures of Banff look absolutely beautiful! HUGE congratulations. You’re in the marathon club!

In non-running news, Brent and I leave for Argentina TODAY! We’re celebrating our 5 year anniversary. In anticipation of spending lots of $$ over the next week, we tried to keep it low key this past weekend. Low key doesn’t have to mean boring. Los Angeles has plenty to offer without spending much. Here are 5 things we did this weekend requiring little to no dinero.

1. Lounge by the Pool:¬†I’m lucky to have a pool at my apartment. If you don’t, chances are someone you know has a pool. A few magazines, sunscreen, a water bottle and I’m good for a few hours. The only¬†thing I was missing was a sister, a BFF, and maybe a margarita.



And again on Sunday :)

And again on Sunday ūüôā

2. Lululemon Run Club: Always free. Always fun. Nothing like starting your Sunday morning chatting with friends and looking at houses you’ll never be able to afford. No Ellen this week though ūüė¶ She’s off vacationing with Anna. This weekend we ran up Rodeo Drive instead of our usual route to look at the fancy cars for Beverly Hills’ Annual Concours d’Elegance. Another free thing to do if you’re into cars.FullSizeRender (29)FullSizeRender_1

3. Walk to the Beach: Do I really need to convince you? Who doesn’t love a nice walk on the beach. Brent and I kinda cheated yesterday and spend some cash. We got ice-cream and popsicles at Playa Provisions.¬†11136634_1646959868873727_8967178481304431201_n11138163_1637208449848869_7368755579268481107_n178351_10101748624174953_644579353_o

4. Athleta Summer Solstice Free Yoga in Santa Monica: Not sure how I got on the Athleta Santa Monica email list, but I’m glad I did. Today they hosted an awesome event in¬†Tongva Park right next to the pier. The class was led by¬†Liz Arch a Primal Yoga. It was a cool mix of martial arts and yoga. After sweating in the sun, Marta and I¬†walked over to the Athleta store for free yoga mats, free juice from LA Juice, and some Kashi goodies. I’m not a juicer, but the Sunset Greens¬†was so refreshing on a hot summer day. I love that they provide events like this for the community. Not all of us can afford $20+ yoga classes at studios! Get on the email list at Athleta to learn about¬†other free community events.¬†FullSizeRender_3 FullSizeRender_2 orig

5. Star Gazing Meet Up: No, not LA movie stars, like stars up in the sky. Sorry. No celebrity sighting to report. Brent and I have been to Venice Stargazing twice now. Basically it’s a bunch of people with telescopes who set up and you hang out and look up at the sky. Super chill, and it’s a come and go kinda thing. No pictures this time, but below are some photos of when we went in April. Today we went with Jared and Marta. Got a good view of the Moon and Jupiter.¬†FullSizeRender (30) FullSizeRender (31)

And What’s Been Cookin’

I adapted this Tomato and Burrata Tart slightly. I’ve made it twice since last week. Again, not really a recipe, more a concept. Vicolo corn pizza crust (I’ve seen them at¬†Whole Foods, and have wanted to try. Nice and thick. Delicious corn flavor.), fig jam as the sauce, cherry tomatoes above the jam. Cooked at 400 degrees for about 15-20 minutes so that the tomatoes roast and get some color. I then topped the tart with prosciutto, basil leaves, burrata and drizzled it with balsamic reduction from Trader Joe’s.


Mama and I made these Zesty Shrimp Tacos a few weeks ago. So quick, so tasty, and great for the summer.


And this is my latest overnight oats combination. Warning, it’s about to get VERY LA. Mix¬†1/2 cup oatmeal, gogi berries, chia seeds, cocoa nibs and lots of cinnamon. Stir in¬†1 cup of cashew milk and top with some raisins, a spoonful of peanut butter, blueberries, and a few banana slices. It’ll thicken up overnight.¬†FullSizeRenderNext update will be from Buenos Aires!

Last Week’s Camera Roll

Here’s what happened this week…

EQ3¬†teachers got their care packages in the mail. I can’t wait for us to¬†be together¬†in August.

FullSizeRender (26)

Cecilia and I hosted our first Cafecito for Equitas Academy #3 families. We had a great¬†turnout. Families were¬†positive, supportive, and grateful for the opportunity to have their children be enrolled at our school. Cecilia and I¬†overly prepped¬†for the event. Everything was scripted, practiced, and practiced again. During the time for questions one parent did ask for¬†my credentials, and how much training all of our teachers have gone through. I admitted I looked really young, but reassured families I wasn’t straight out of high school ūüôā¬†FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRender_2 FullSizeRender_3

We celebrated one of the leadership team members’ birthdays this week at Equitas. She’s vegan and eats gluten-free foods. Thank you LA!¬†I able to find delicious treats for her birthday. Erin McKenna‘s desserts were so good, I’ve been dreaming of vegan gluten-free salted caramel donuts all week. The¬†LA location is on Larchmont, a super cute area for¬†grabbing a cup of coffee and wandering around.¬†erin-mckenna-gluten-free-bakeryFullSizeRender (28)

The Tripel has a new menu. Brianna, Ellen, Anna, Brent and I went to check it out on Wednesday night. These calamari were flash fried and served with a gochujang sauce. I need to go back ASAP to try all the new menu items. FullSizeRender

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 12.09.22 PM Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 12.09.12 PM¬†I’m conscious of being an over-poster on Facebook, so I didn’t post this but I was curious and not surprised at all.


I’m becoming less OCD with the use of my Garmin. 5.4 miles and OK with it! Nice run before Rise Nation class with the girls.

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 12.00.49 PM

The amazingly talented Lanita Smith hosted another fun¬†show last night. Late night for the Lowry family…we were out till past midnight! It was so nice¬†to see so many KIPP¬†teachers. I’m excited¬†to see them all again at graduation this Friday.


Below is something you’d only see in LA. Scratch that. Only near the Beverly Center.

FullSizeRender_1Venice is my LA happy place. I love it. Brent describes the people of Venice as casually put together. I’d like to think that if I actually had a sense of style, it would fit that mold. Lately I’ve really been into coffee shops and breakfast spots. Marta and I have stopped by Suberba Food+Bread in Venice for pastries, but yesterday Brent and I went for brunch. We had the Cheddar Bacon Biscuit and a Peanut Butter Cookie as a little appetizer while we waited for our table.¬†Brent and I sampled three toasts, the avocado toast, liver and burrata. If I had to pick, I’d say my favorite was the avocado toast, but probably because I absolutely love avocado. I was pleasantly surprised by the liver toast with chopped hazelnuts and apple butter, and you can’t ever go wrong with burrata, especially when it’s paired with spicy walnut muhammara. It’s probably a good thing Suberba doesn’t open until 7AM, otherwise I might make this a weekly stop before work.

Marta and I did a Wednesday morning run before work for the second week in a row. It’s nice to start the day with your baby sister on the streets of West Hollywood and Beverly Hills. We’re gonna have to make this a regular thing. Alaina, you down when we start carpooling again? You DID said you had a dream you liked running. AHH, we get to carpool again soon!

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 12.25.35 PMAlaina and I went to Nordstrom Rack this afternoon and shopped at the bulk section of Sprouts. Gotta love the poor man’s Whole Foods.


And this week, it’s the last week of school! Lots of parties, happy hours, and Randy’s Donuts on Thursday, right Alaina?! A week from now Brent and I will be packing for our trip to Argentina!!! When I get back from Argentina I’ll start thinking about getting back into a more regular running routine. Right now I’ve enjoyed taking it day-by-day.