Sweet Baby Jane

I was sitting in a summer training session at at school on August 21st when my phone rang. It was the adoption agency. I ran out of the room to the playground. “Hi, this is Mia with AdoptHelp. I’m calling with good news. You’ve been selected by a birth mother in Florida who is giving birth to a baby girl in December.” So much to process in that loaded sentence. Someone picked our profile? A girl? But I always thought of myself as a boy mom. December? I’ll be a Mama before the end of the year?! This is the best early birthday present ever. Mia gave me a few more details, none of which I remember. I was just anxious to get Brent on the phone. We officially accepted the placement and scheduled a call with the birth Mom.

Let’s flashback to January 2018. After an informational meeting with AdoptHelp, Brent and I decided our philosophy aligned perfectly with the agency. On January 15, 2018 we officially joined the AdoptHelp family. This is something we’ve talked about since before we were married. It was hard to believe it was actually happening. We were sent a THICK packet of paperwork. Applications. Home Visits. Profiles. Family photos. SO MUCH PAPERWORK. With the stress of school, it felt like a second job. We could have been a bit more urgent about finishing everything, but didn’t finalize all the work until the end of May. Brent was a bit of a perfectionist with the profile 🙂 After submitting all of our paperwork we were told to expect a 9-12 month wait. It was up to a birth mother to select us. To celebrate being done with all the initial work we went on the most amazing trip to Namibia and lived a “yes” lifestyle. This translated to running too. Run Cross Country for the first time since high school? Why not? Chicago Marathon with the American Development Program? Yes! Day trip in Sacramento to watch Ellen crush the California International Marathon? Absolutely!





It was all well and good, but does not compare to the fun of being Jane’s mother. My whole world changed when Jane was born on December 30, 2018. Not having experienced pregnancy, I wondered if I’d feel like Jane’s mom. I wondered if she would bond with me. I worried that my mother instincts wouldn’t kick in. It didn’t feel real until I held her in my arms.


I feel so blessed to have been there for Jane’s birth and to be the first to hold her after she was born. It was an honor to hold Jane’s birth mother’s hand through labor. We’ve built a strong relationship with her, and I know we’re going to be a part of each other’s lives forever. I love Jane more and more every day. Nothing beats the feeling when she laughs and smiles at me. I absolutely am Jane’s Mama, and those mother instincts definitely kicked in. It’s Mama and Jane all day everyday until April 1st. Oh and side note, yes, I’m a proud Jane, but Jane was not named after my running group. Jane met the name requirements for both Brent and I. I wanted a timeless family name (my Grandma and I both have the middle name Jane) and Brent wanted a female scientist. I love that she is named after a scientist who worked in Africa 🙂 For these next few weeks I am soaking it all in and taking advantage of every moment. Oh, and it turns out I love being a girl Mama too 😉



One Month Later

A month ago I was on a flight back to Los Angeles after running the New York Marathon. November was an interesting month. I’ve never been the sick kid, but I managed to get a cold and a week later got the stomach flu. I ran random miles and did very little foam rolling (which I am regretting after today’s track workout). November was pretty blah. I didn’t feel like my energetic self. The month ended on a high with Thanksgiving in Michigan, and going into December I’m feeling re-energized, re-inspired, and ready to run! Here I am with the fam in Michigan 🙂

After four restful days in Michigan, Brent and I got back to LA late Saturday night. Sunday morning we made the trip to Home Depot to buy our first Christmas tree. Baby steps. We’re starting with a 4 footer.

December means it’s also officially advent calendar time! Alaina and I make one every year and here’s what we have planned for the 2015 season. FYI the hot model is a drink at Playa Provisions. We’re not going shopping or aspiring models. All are welcome to join in on the fun!

FullSizeRender (82).jpg

And December is also a birthday month in the Lowry family. Brent turns the big 3-2 tomorrow. We’re celebrating at Providence, the #1 Jonathan Gold restaurant. I can’t wait!

And in MAJOR running news, Alaina being the BEST gift giver in the world and the most thoughtful person ever gifted me a personalized running training plan from one of my favorite bloggers, The Runner’s Plate. I get prescribed workouts with specific paces based on past performance and strength training routines. Super exciting! Alaina’s exact words were “It’s about time you have someone pushing YOU!” I can’t wait to share my progress and I’m hoping to be challenged. Finished with day 2 today!

I’ll leave you with the most ridiculous email I got from LAUSD today.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 10.21.33 AM.png

I’m not quite sure what’s dangerous about this temperature.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 8.55.06 PM.png

Thinking about calling tomorrow to tell them I need assistance.

The Life of Mrs. Lowry: Teaching in South LA

Happy Saturday! My school shadowed me for two days back in September to learn more about the daily life of an educator in South Los Angeles. They followed me working with students, meeting with colleagues, running on the beach, and eating at The Tripel.  Check out the final product below.