The Big 2-0…NYC Edition!

I never thought I’d say this, but I’m currently training for the 8th marathon, the New York Marathon. Today was a big day. Our first twenty miler. A twenty miler is never easy. It’s always scary. It always hangs over your head the week before. It always feels so good to be done. Ellen and I met in Venice and set off on our adventure across West Los Angeles. Not gonna lie, I was kinda nervous about this run for several reasons.

img_1609-01. My hamstring has been aching when I run. I found a spot on my quad and in my glute that was super tight and foam rolled it to death this week. With hamstring pain it’s rarely the hamstring, instead something else pulling on the hamstring. You know you’ve found the spot when you roll it and feel your hamstring ache a bit. Everything really is connected.

2. We didn’t have a route planned.

3. Some of our cheer buddies who were going to jump in for a few miles weren’t able to make it.

Much to our surprise, the run went really well. Ellen and I had a lot to catch up on with our new jobs and all, and my hamstring felt 10000 times better. The route ended up being nice, and we were able to meet up with Brianna and run a few miles with her. I love running with Brianna. Her stories help the miles fly by. Random fact, did you know there is a pop-up barber shop in the VA?Because I’m so NOT stressed about NY, I haven’t been good about long run notes. Here is my attempt to reflect on the run…

Friday Dinner: Israeli CousCous with Spinach Hemp Pesto + Roasted Veggies

Friday Sleep: Went to bed at 9PM. This whole getting ready for school starting on Tuesday exhausted me. I was so tired.

Pre-Run Breakfast: English muffin with peanut butter, honey and banana

Post-Run Snack: Peanut Butter Chocolate Rice Krispy from Groundworks on Rose

Long Run Fuel: Swedish fish + pretzels. I didn’t eat enough before and during. Hence the Rice Krispy treat immediately after the run.

Long Run Hydration: Random sips of water, water fountains, ran into Whole Foods in Brentwood for water.

Long Run Outfit: Polka dot lululemon shorts, Run Vancouver shirt, target sports bra, random socks, Nike visor. No chafing which is always nice.

How Did It Feel: Today was a major confidence boost. It felt hard, but the right kind of hard. I did a pace tempo run last night so I went into the run with tired legs, forcing me to slow down. The last two miles were harder because I was getting hungry.

Top Tip: 1. Never underestimate the power of a foam roller. 2. Don’t forget to load up on the carbs the day before a long run. Yesterday was hectic at school, and I had lunch at 11:30am, and didn’t eat again until dinner at 7. I was to busy to even realize I should be snacking throughout the day. Felt it the last two miles.

And a few more photos from my birthday and the week…

Getting pampered!Lululemon Run Club Mom, Kathy.
  The lovely Brianne.   Team EQ3 planking 🙂 Didn’t expect this on a Wednesday night at RunMDR’s six year anniversary run. Apparently stress (good “I’m about to open a school” stress) makes you run faster. FullSizeRender (62)

Our beautiful college doors. Our scholars have some CREATIVE teachers!
KOGI! Best post long run meal.  Roy Choi showed up!

And now that football season has started, the evening will consist of Trader Joe’s snacks and beers on the couch. Until next time!

The Easy Long Run

Happy Friday! Lately I’ve been working on setting a purpose for every run rather than just running a bunch of random miles. My schedule was a little thrown off this week because I was in Palm Springs for work, but in general I’ve been running easy on Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and harder on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It lets me recover from hard workouts and gives me a nice rest day in the middle of the week. One thing I know I need to work on is making my long runs slower. Did you hear that Marta and Ellen!? We’re running too fast on Saturdays! I often feel anxious to get my long runs done, but Saturday we ran at about an 8:15 pace, which was probably OK for 13 miles, but tomorrow we’re running 15 which feels like real marathon training because we’re going further than a half. Running slow may seem like a dumb idea. Shouldn’t you run fast to get fast? Well….yes…but the purpose of the long run is to build endurance, not speed. The long run is about getting time on your feet, not getting faster. Tempo runs teach you to run your marathon pace. Every few weeks you can finish the last few miles of your long run at marathon pace, but in general it should feel easy. I question my ability to run my marathon pace every time I line up for a race. At San Diego in 2013 I remember thinking “There is NO way I can run a 8 minute mile pace for 26.2. All my long runs have been around 9.” The stars really do align on race day if you train right and taper properly. Apparently Meb runs 80% of his miles easy! So what’s the harm in running your long run too fast? You essentially sabotage upcoming workouts. Your tempo will suffer so you won’t get that valuable marathon pace practice and you put yourself at more risk injury. So tomorrow, ladies, let’s shoot for more like a 8:45 pace. Our quicker recovery time and higher quality runs next week will make it well worth it 🙂

Last Week’s Workouts:

  • Monday: Five Mile Run in Palm Springs (8:12 Average Pace)
  • Tuesday: Six Mile Run in Palm Springs (8:05 Average Pace)
  • Wednesday: Six Mile Tempo with RunMDR (7:05 Average Pace)
  • Thursday: Six Mile Run with Marta in West Hollywood (Too lazy to go check the pace)
  • Friday: YOGA!

In other news…

Ahh the Parker in Palm Springs is AMAZING! Beautiful grounds, relaxing pool, sunny skies, and dry heat. The perfect venue to re-energize and get excited about the upcoming school year. This year’s Equitas theme is ELEVATE!


FullSizeRender (43)

I came across this on instagram and loved it. Reminds me of what my sister Alicia always says. “Be like a duck. Calm on the surface, but always paddling like the dickens underneath.”

IMG_1127Going to Palm Springs? Eat at Workshop Kitchen + Bar. Start at the bar with a Palm Springer and try the lentils with crispy goats cheese, the tartine and the veggie market enchiladas. I felt so spoiled.

interior-1FullSizeRender (43) FullSizeRender (45) FullSizeRender (44) lWish us luck with our 15 miler tomorrow 🙂 Excited to re-fuel at Gracias Madre!

Notes from Long Run #2 + New York Marathon News!

I don’t know if this is good or bad news, but I applied for a guaranteed entry spot to the New York Marathon and found out yesterday morning my entry was accepted. My credit card was charged a lovely $255. If you have the opportunity, you have to do New York…right? I’m also not sure how I feel about running Boston in April and New York in November, but both races are more for the experience than time which takes a little bit of the pressure off. PLUS my Aunt Donna deferred entry and is running this year so it would be fun to experience the race with her! If I end up getting to both races injury free and running them both, NO MARATHONS for a LONG TIME. I’m not going to turn into a crazy.

Today I met Marta, Ellen, Marianne and Lauren at our Ocean and Alta meeting point for long run Saturday. We’re all running different races so we all ran different distances, but I had company for my entire seventeen mile run. Check us out at mile six in the Palisades. It never gets old. The run was nice and hilly, and because we weaved all over Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades and Brentwood, the miles went by fairly quickly. My notes from the run are below.


Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 11.47.30 AM

Friday Dinner: Rigatoni with olive oil, lots of garlic, rainbow chard, sun-dried tomatoes and parmesan. Pumpkin oat cookies I keep in the freezer.

Friday Sleep: 8.5 Hours. Slept SO well. I had a dream I was on a cruise with Brent, Jackie and Alex and was a little sad to wake up to my alarm reminding me I was NOT on a cruise and I had to run 17 miles. I really need to get more sleep during the week.

Saturday Breakfast: 1/2 a peanut butter and jelly sandwich while I was driving. Sipped some water, no coffee again.

Long Run Fuel: Snacked on my Honey Stinger waffle throughout the run. It was SO yummy. Sugary but felt like food, which I like. I hate downing pure sugar with no substance. No stomach issues.


Long Run Hydration: Water fountains throughout. No weird stomach gurgling noises because I sipped rather than chugged. Was SO thirsty at the end though. Chugged a big bottle of water and a bottled filled with Vega. Not sure I love the taste. I had a sample, but I think I’ll stick with Nuun. It is hot and sunny today.


Long Run Outfit: Lululemon shorts, race short sleeve, purple target sports bra, costco socks, headband. The purple sports bra didn’t chafe at all, unlike last week.

Post-Run Snack: The other 1/2 of the PB&J on my drive home. LOTS OF WATER.

How Did It Feel: I was nervous about today’s run. I feel like I am psyching myself out with fear of getting injured. My lower legs felt tight (calves/right shin) but they loosened up over the run, which I think is a good thing. I definitely am in need of a foot massage today (shout out to Brent for gifting me 4 massages) and a yoga class tomorrow or Monday. No stomach issues. No sudden bathroom breaks. My hips felt tight at the end, but my legs never really got too tired, unlike last week. I stretched a little before driving home.

Other Notes: Ahh the bluffs! I love the bluffs, and I love that it is so beautiful that you don’t even realize you’re running fairly high elevation. Next weekend we’re running Will Rogers and getting brunch at Huckleberry afterwards!Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 12.06.00 PM

Brent and I usually stay in on Friday night and go out Saturday. Last weekend we ventured out in the rain and went to Wurstkuche. I’m about to go meet Alaina at the beach, but besides that my big decision of the day is where I’m going to have dinner. Stick with my love, The Tripel, or try something new? Decisions decisions! Marta…I know you are reading this…any ideas?

photo (1)