Mix It Up May + ClassPass Reviews

ClassPass is perfect for Mix It Up May. I barely ran this week, but I’m sore from using muscles that haven’t been engaged in forever. ClassPass is a monthly membership to fitness classes in LA. You can visit a bunch of different studios, like cycling, yoga, dance, circuit training, and pilates. If you’re a ClassPass member you get unlimited classes to studios in the ClassPass network. You can take unlimited classes but you can only visit the same studio up to 3 times a month. With LA having thousands of workout classes and studios, it’s hard to commit to just one. It’s nice to mix it up. If I wasn’t a runner I would totally sign up for this year round. I’m thinking it might be a good option for when I’m in need of a break from running. So far I’ve loved it. I was skeptical about finding good classes and getting enough spots, but it seems the opposite is the problem. There are so many options! My goal is not try a bunch of new studios over the next two weeks. Considering Marta, Ellen, Anna, Alaina, Cecilia and Brianne are signed up too, it’ll also be a fun social activity. Pros and cons of what I’ve tried so far are below.

Cycle House West Hollywood



  • A high energy workout with loud music.
  • I loved the arm weights sequence.
  • You get alkaline water, apples and bananas at the studio.
  • Changing room is nicely stocked with essentials (lotion, deodorant, hair ties).
  • They have free shoe rentals.
  • The staff is very welcoming.
  • 75 minute validated parking across the street.


  • You get super sweaty. Not ideal if you’re like me and try to plan other activities for right after your workout.
  • Changing room is super tight. I showered there because Brent and I were going to dinner afterwards and it was cramped.

Pop Physique Westside- PopSculpt Class

FullSizeRender (7)


  • Great for toning and strengthening.
  • Calmer vibe. Sometimes you don’t need someone yelling at you after a long day at work.
  • Plenty of parking options both at the studio and on neighboring streets. It was fun to be in my old neck of the woods (Inglewood and Venice) where I lived when I first moved to LA in 2007.
  • Worked my hips that are in need of strengthening. Great for runners!


  • If you’re looking for cardio, you’re not gonna get it here. Considering doing a short run beforehand.
  • I wasn’t sure if I was doing all the moves right and could have used more assistance.

YAS Downtown-Spin/Yoga Class



  • Half and half combo makes the class go by really fast.
  • Less of a “party on a bike” feel. Feels like a normal spin class and less like a scene.
  • Underground parking validated for 2 hours right next to the studio. Great for downtown which is usually super tricky!


  • I love the half and half concept, but I didn’t feel like I could really get into either one. I would have liked 45 minutes of each. Especially with the yoga, I wanted more.
  • The class was a little empty. Could be that most people were at happy hour on Friday afternoon 🙂



  • Fun music and great instructor who was eager to help.
  • Made me re-think that ellipticals are easy sorority girl machines (sorry Alaina!) I worked hard! Great if you’re looking for cardio.
  • Loved the 20 second interval sequence
  • Perfect for a group of girls (Alaina, Marta, and Ellen went) It’s just a funny concept to get a bunch of girls on ellipticals working out to music. Think Cycle House on an elliptical.


  • I didn’t really understand the whole ab sequence. Maybe I was doing it wrong.
  • Not in the coolest location. In an old strip mall on Santa Monica Blvd.

In other news…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted some Sunday night week prep recipes. A few coming tomorrow, including the Meatless Monday enchiladas and rice Alaina and I made last week at The Gourmandise School. Best gift ever. Maybe a 30th Bday party idea? We had so much fun cooking up a storm.


And in school news, the new Equitas Middle School site (where we’ll be co-locating next year) is almost complete!FullSizeRender (8)