Why I Marched

Friday’s weather was awful. It was wet, classrooms were leaking, walkways were flooded, and our scholars were soaked. I love the rain, but our school (and our city) isn’t equipped to deal with it. Such heavy rain felt fitting on Inauguration Day. I didn’t watch any new coverage. After work I went on an easy ten mile run then went to dinner with Brent. Saturday was another story. It was crystal clear and the distant mountains were snow capped. Today we’re back to some of the strongest rain we’ve seen in Southern California in years. It’s as if California wanted to make sure we were able to march.

Saturday evening I was challenged with the question of why I was marching. I froze and became overwhelmed with emotion. I didn’t know how to easily express why I went out there. What was so beautiful about Saturday was the peaceful and positive energy. Everyone had their unique reason for marching. Today I’ve taken the time to process and express exactly why I marched.

I marched because I have three powerful sisters who are the hardest working and most inspirational women I know.

I marched because Mama taught us to be tough and Papa always called himself feminist. He hated it when people asked him if he wished he had a son.

I marched because I am disgusted by the way Donald Trump talks about women. This isn’t normal “guy talk”. It’s not the way all men talk with their friends.

I marched because I’m not convinced our “leader” thinks of women as more than arm candy. I feel he pities “ugly” women.

I marched because our girls at Equitas Academy #3 need to know they are loved, valued, and important.

Saturday was the start of a movement. 750,000 showed up here in LA, and the protest spread around the world. I am so inspired.


And in case you were wondering, yes…I still got my Boston long run in before heading downtown. Saturday was Kathy’s wedding day (photos coming soon) so we woke up extra early to run 17 miles at an 8:10 pace. Women are gritty 🙂

I’ll leave you with this amazing poster created at Equitas…

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