Quick New Year Update

Happy Belated New Year! I’ve been back in LA for a week after rest and relaxation in Texas, Oklahoma, and Michigan. Here we are, the Johnson Family, before New Year’s Eve dinner in Michigan. I love my family.

And this photo was taken 36 hours later from our annual New Year Run from Kathy’s in Beverly Hills to the Santa Monica Pier. Apparently none of us knew where to smile.

The highlight from the run was Jay Leno cheering us on. Yes. Jay Leno. We were on the corner of Beverly and Lexington crossing at a 4-way stop and Kathy, who apparently sees him all the time, goes “Hey look, it’s Jay!” We all waved and smiled. I shouted “Hey Jay!!” He pumped his arms and cheered us on from his classic car with a huge smile on his face. He seemed so kind and genuine. Nothing like running into Jay Leno! We didn’t stop to snapchat the moment, but this is pretty much what he looked like. Yup, I googled this pic.


Boston training officially started on January 2nd. So excited for Boston 2017! I spent winter break running lower mileage with high quality workouts. Being in Michigan meant lots of treadmill running at the good ole Powerhouse Gym in West Bloomfield. I made those interesting with the following workouts.

  • 1 mile easy followed by 2 x 2 miles @ 6:19 pace 1 mile easy followed by 2 x 2 miles at 6:11 pace
  • 1 mile easy followed by 4 miles @ 6:11 pace
  • New Years Day Tempo @ 6:44 Paceimg_6150

It’s amazing how much faster I can run when I sleep 10 hours a night and my milage is lower. Of course I never did back-to-back speed workouts. That’s just asking for injury. Always take a day or two in-between harder workouts.

So I’m still working on finalizing my New Years Resolution. Who ever said it needs to be 100% solidified on the first? I want this year’s focus to be self-care. I am really good at overcommitting, rushing from one event to the next, and getting ready in 10 minutes. Watching a TV show? Unlikely. Taking a bath? Never. Reading a book? Only if it’s on audible. Using my diffuser I bought back in November? Takes too long to set it up. I need to SLOOWWW DOWWWN. It can’t be good for me to be rush all day long. So what does this look like? I need your help. What am I missing? Here is what I have so far.

  1. Sunday I sleep in. No need to set an alarm.
  2. I ordered epsom salts (amazon, of course…too lazy to go to the store) and am going to take a bath once a week.
  3. I’m getting a massage twice a month. Oh the benefits of having a super reasonably priced massage spot a two minute walk from my apartment. And being gifted a massage package. Gracias Brent!
  4. Taking Bart Yasso’s advice and running easy days super easy. I tend to rush back so that I can shower, make dinner, and plug back in with emails. I need to just run easy with relaxed shoulders, and know that it’s OK if we eat dinner 15 minutes later. Easy days should feel meditative. Also, I need to trust Bart. You have to run slow to run fast. Today I ran 8 miles at 8:48. That will make totally ready for Wednesday’s 3 x (800-600-400-200) workout.

And I want to share how I did with my resolutions from last year. Comments in bold.

  • I’m committed to meeting my school goals with 80% of scholars reading at or above grade level by the end of the year and 80% of scholars meeting/exceeding their MAP reading growth goal. (MET, WOO HOO!)
  • This is dumb, but I’d like to get monthly pedicures so that I don’t have to be hide my runner feet. (100% FAIL. DON’T EVEN FEEL BAD ABOUT IT. WOULD RATHER SPEND MONEY ON SOMETHING ELSE.)
  • 2015 was a year of PRs in the 10K, half and marathon. I think I have a few more PRs left in me. I’d really love to PR in the 10K and marathon this year. I think I would pass out of excitement if I got close to a 3:10 in the marathon. I know I can do it if I stay injury free, have good race conditions at Boston, and wake up energized and ready to run. Oh the marathon, it’s so much more than what you’re capable of. Setting marathon goals really is a gamble. There is so much that is out of your control. (PR SET IN THE 10K, HALF, AND MARATHON. DID NOT PASS OUT OF EXCITEMENT, BUT WAS PRETTY DARN EXCITED WHEN I BROKE 3:10.)
  • I’d like to be a little more adventurous with my weekly meal prep. I’ve got my go-to homemade pizza, roasted veggies, and tacos. I want to expand a bit. I started with making mole and salsa verde yesterday! Today I made a huge batch of curried couscous for this week’s lunch. (MET-ish. GOT INTENSE ABOUT COOKING OF RUN FAST EAT SLOW RECIPES. STILL SOMETHING I WANT TO FOCUS ON..)
  • I’m not sure how to make this measurable, but Brent and I want to take advantage of LA cultural events. We have a LACMA membership (thanks Mama and Papa), we’d like to go to more shows, visit more museums, attend more community events, etc. Maybe plan out two events a month? Today we’re driving up to Los Feliz to wander on Hillhurst and Vermont. Maybe pick up some Jeni’s ice-cream? (MET AND WANT TO CONTINUE. EXPLORED NEW NEIGHBORHOODS. TRIED NEW RESTAURANTS. TRAVELLED MORE.)
  • I’d also like to work on being on my phone less. Emails don’t have to be responded to immediately. I don’t have to refresh every 5 minutes. Any tips? (YEAH…STILL WORKING ON THIS ONE…)

I’m determined to learn how to balance being a school leader, training for Boston, and managing self-care. I’m not crazy for thinking it’s possible, right? Please share your tips!

Will be back with long run notes now that it’s back to marathon training. Woo!

One thought on “Quick New Year Update

  1. Happy New Year to you from Schlappmühler Pfad. Very nice picture of the Johnson family.
    May be one day we will meet again!

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