Running These Days

Since Long Beach I’ve decreased my mileage significantly. It feels weird to come home and run maybe 3-4 miles, or none at all. When you live in sunny LA and you love to be outdoors it can be tempting to just keep training. I know this “break” is good for me. I want to be toeing the line at Boston for as long as I can, and staying patient in my 30s will get me there. Today I was feeling especially inspired with the New York City Marathon. I met Kathy and Ellen at our Beverly Hills Sunday morning spot. After our run we used our iphones to watch the elite women in their final miles. We really are running nerds. (See photo below) What an incredible marathon debut from Molly Huddle. I want to be her when I grow up!

With the extra hour I was able to go on my run in Beverly Hills, watch the marathon finish, and be back in time for breakfast at 9:00. Brent, his dad David, and I went to Playa Provisions. Coconut Chia Seed Pudding and a Matcha Latte for me!

It was fun having David around this weekend! Yesterday we went downtown to the Escape Room. David knowing morse code and Brent being a math/puzzle genius helped us escape with 3 minutes to spare. With only a 10% escape rate, we have a reason to brag.

I can’t believe I’m posting this picture. Yes, we are running nerds. Ellen and I dug out the Ragnar Nerd gear while pacing Lucy at the Halloween Rock n Roll Half Marathon here in LA. She ran just over a 2 hour half. Congrats Lucy! I promise there were others dressed up.

Ellen and I have been getting together during the week to do short speed workouts. I know, I know, I’m on a break. But break is relative.I’m not running as many miles during the week, but I am running some of them fast. This past week we ran 5 approximate 400s (we just picked a short route on the beach) and 8 sprints of about 150 meters. I’ve never run that short, so it was fun to see my watch creep into the 4 minute mile range. It’s fun to feel like a kid and just sprint! This week we’re thinking of doing a few mile repeats. 

I’ve also really gotten into the Run Fast Eat Slow cookbook. Made the Pecan Butter Truffles (yeah, I went with the drizzle effect when I knew I was going to run out of chocolate sauce) and Ginger Molasses Granola. 

And I’ll leave you with two random photos.

  1. The Chorizo + Papa Taco from BS Taqueria. I promise there is a tortilla under there. So rich, but so good!

2. One of the many reasons I love my team. We’ve faced some challenges with difficult students and our temporary site, but this is how our team responds to challenge. Impromptu love in the work room.

Have a great week!