LAX Run 10K Race Review

I really don’t like the 10K. It hurts and I find it difficult to get in a good rhythm. It’s a different kind of hurt from a marathon. With the marathon it comes slowly, but with a 5 or 10K it’s like a switch. Suddenly your legs are on fire. That being said, does anyone know of a good 10K next weekend? I need to do it again. I ran hard but didn’t feel smooth, and I had the most annoying finish time possible. 40:00. Not 39:59, not 40:01. 40:00 with a 6:26 average pace. I’m really happy to have earned a PR by more than a minute, and that Ellen and I took 1 and 2 in our little local race, but ugh that time is so annoying. Ellen broke 45 minutes, and Lauren broke 50. They both ran so strong! Here we are, winners of our age divisions. Makes me feel old.

I can’t be too disappointed. With the last day of school the day before the race, I wasn’t exactly prepping myself for a great race. Cookies, fruit tarts, Portos meat pies. It was all polished off with a bottle of rose and gelato on Friday night to celebrate the end of an incredible first year of operation. I should be thankful I didn’t throw up!

Last day of school. We need to photoshop Alaina in. Poor Alaina missed the last day because she’s at a leadership training in Boston. Thanks, Kerri, for being our photographer. Kerri, my original running buddy from DC, is in town for a wedding this weekend and got to experience the craziness that is the last day of school.

I even got a cookie with my face on it.

Friday wasn’t the only party day. It was a week of celebrating. Monday we went to Gracias Madre for EQ3’s inaugural paper plate awards.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 1.39.17 PM.png

Randy’s for Alaina’s last day before heading to training in Boston. Those are my morning eyes.13522763_10103998066125354_2855270413826902261_o.jpg

El Cholo for our Equitas network celebration on Thursday.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 1.38.58 PM.png

Now it’s well deserved summer time for our fabulous staff.

And back to the 10K, thinking of running this race next year?


  • Race day packet pick up
  • Easy neighborhood parking
  • You get a medal and a t-shirt
  • Small community feel
  • Flatish course


  • Only 4 porta-potties! We ran to the Ralphs up the street.
  • Boring course 
  • Not too much competition, although you never know who is going to show up!
  • Started 30 minutes late

Meanwhile, Brent is in Dallas. Brent just lost his grandmother, so he’s spending time with his family as they’ve had quite an eventful year. I wished I could be there with them, and will see them for Mary Lou’s memorial in July. Today Brent and I celebrate our six year wedding anniversary. Because we couldn’t be together, we had dinner at Love & Salt in Manhattan Beach on Tuesday before he left. You know I had to go with the bone marrow pasta.

I promise there is kale under all the ricotta and soppressata. 

Last night we went to Everson Royce Bar in the arts district to celebrate Ellen and Anna’s birthdays. Marta, Gisele, and I 🙂

And Cecilia, Kerri, and I are about to head out to dinner in Venice before she takes off for DC. We’re going to make sure we get a picture together! Here we are before the Toronto Marathon back in 2011.  326236_10100941215787833_250140977_o.jpg

Tomorrow the goal is to come home after work, and do NOTHING…because my life is feeling like this…


One thought on “LAX Run 10K Race Review

  1. I agree with you on the 10K. It is my least favorite race distance! It hurts in a way marathons just don’t. 5Ks also hurt, but at least they are over quickly! I had a similar frustration, with a 40:01 at my last 10K. That was during my marathon training build up though so I didn’t have time to squeeze in another one. You’ve motivated me to finally suck it up and find another one even though I hate the distance.

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