JUST 18?

Funny how 18 miles seems so much easier than 20. It’s all mental. 20 sounds scary. 18 is in the teens, so it seems like it should be easier. Gisele, Ellen and I had a lovely 18 this morning. It was pretty hilly, but with no pick-ups or a fast finish, it made for a nice and easy run. And yup, you’re right Gisele. Our route made a heart! That’s gotta be good luck, right? We started and ended at Ellen’s. I sound like a California snob, but I was ready not to run on the beach.

At school we had our first ever Family Festival. Not gonna lie, was not too confident in my ability to pull off this event, but WOAH did the family and teachers come together to plan a great event. We had so much fun, and our photo booth props were quite the hit. Going to work on a Saturday is a bit easier when you work with these lovely ladies…


Nathalie turned the photo booth station into a mobile booth. Here she is rolling around. We also had a Zumba instructor come get us dancing, had plenty of food, an spoon + egg game, a ring toss, bean bag toss, and prizes. I’m excited to see how we elevate this event next year. But with our awesome family, and super energetic staff I don’t know why I doubted it wouldn’t be a hit.

This week was a lighter mileage week, but more intense at work. Saturday because of our school event I only had time for 7 but met up with some new running friends Peter introduced me to. Nothing like hitting up the Marina with 4 fast women before rushing off to work. One of them won the Santa Clarita Marathon a few years back. Maybe I should add that to the bucket list. Santa Clarita was my WORST marathon EVER. I had some doubles on the plan earlier in the week because I was at work till 8:30/9 on both Tuesday and Thursday. Monday I learned that you ALWAYS have more to give. I was ready for my rest day, and in need of some entertainment so I texted this incredibly attractive picture to Ellen and Alaina knowing they’d respond with some words of encouragement.

FullSizeRender (92).jpg

Then my playlist had this divine intervention with a few songs that brought back race day memories. It gave me that boost of energy I needed. Do you have songs that remind you of specific racing moments? This is running dork to the extreme, but here’s what these songs remind me of…

  • Jealous (I Ain’t With It) by Chromeo reminds me of the OC Half Marathon, when I was feeling awesome at 11 and busted out two fast final miles.
  • Good Feeling by Flo Rida reminds me of the Redondo Beach 10K I did years ago before I started oversharing running stories on this blog.
  • Happy by Pharrell Williams and The Man by Aloe Blacc bring me back to my redemption race at the LA Marathon when I re-qualified for Boston in the heat.
  • Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon reminds me of getting that second wind as I ran down San Vicente at this year’s LA Marathon.
  • I’m Shipping Up to Boston by Dropkick Murphys OBVIOUSLY reminds me of Boston, but specifically the fact that it was playing as I crossed into Boston City Limits. Pretty awesome.
  • The Other Side by Jason Derulo reminds me of the San Diego Marathon where I first qualified for Boston. I remember being at mile 23ish thinking “Just take me to that other side!!!!”
  • I finished the NY Marathon to Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac. I hear it and it brings me back to that emotional moment crossing the line. It was my 8th time, and I still teared up.

And back to school. This blog post is much like my life. Work. Run. Work. Run. Aren’t these circle collages fun? Left to right: 1) Ashley’s new easels! 2) This is what 100 tacos looks like… 3) Our scholars earned a Taco Party from Lexia for High Usage in the West! 4) We celebrate with Sprinkles when we have strong attendance! 5) I think we’re good on chips for the Family Festival. 6) Gross but necessary purchase for the Family Festival.

Time to go hang out with Brent’s fam visiting LA for the week. Next week’s update will be from New York!

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