Santa Monica-Venice Christmas Run 10K 2015

Santa Monica-Venice Christmas Run, you’re one of my favorites. This was my fifth year running this race. I was just a baby 25 year old the first time Alaina and I signed up to run! With a course change, and the 5K and 10K starting at the same time, I was a little skeptical, but Christmas Run, you did it again. Good times, great weather, and incredible freebies.Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 11.02.40 AM.png

Check out a few photos from over the years 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 11.20.57 AM.png10418303_10104596663850613_476120481331172792_n1470423_10103340664503373_2146162129_n.jpg401664_10102140479354033_633267967_n.jpg65181_10102154936436937_85114094_n.jpg

I’m finally back in running business. I started my first week of intentional workouts, rather than random three and four milers. I love running with a purpose, and having goals for specific workouts. I went back to the track on Tuesday for the first time in nearly 2 months.

This morning I met Peter and his friend about a mile from the start. We jogged over to avoid paying for parking and met Ellen there. I ran into Bri running with Team Nutribullet. Marta was there but I didn’t see her at the start. She took the race easier and ran with a friend.

I started the race towards the front, and about a half a mile in looked down and saw I was running a 6:30 pace. It felt good. I wondered if I’d crash and burn, but didn’t really care because I didn’t have a goal and you can crash and burn at a 10K and end with a decent time. The miles just kinda kept going and I was still feeling happy. I finished in 41:07, nearly a minute PR. Apparently the combination watchless running for a month after a marthon and beer + tacos for dinner the night before a 10K is the way to go. Peter ran in 43ish minutes and Ellen ran EXACTLY 45 minutes and got third in her age group!

Free massages!IMG_2759.JPG

I think I’ve got snacks covered for a while. Alaina, the skinny pops are yours.



  • Fast course and cool temps in December
  • Running on the beach path
  • Everyone in LA runs this race and everyone is happy and in the Christmas spirit!
  • T-Shirts, medals, and free photos
  • Flushing bathrooms on the beach
  • Corral starting


  • Start and finish about a mile away…although it gave me an opportunity to warm-up and cool down
  • 10K and 5K start at the same time so you can’t do the double run anymore

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