The Pie Hole, Little Tokyo + DTLA

Looking for a Sunday afternoon activity? Park on Traction Avenue, get some pie at The Pie Hole (we had the veggie curry, chicken cornbread, pumpkin and apple crumble). Fun fact, I love pie so much I had wedding pie. After you hit up the pie joint, keep walking down Traction till you hit Alameda. Cross the road, and you’ll be in Little Tokyo. Stroll through the market and shops, and keep walking till you hit Spring Street. Turn left and walk down till Spring crosses 5th. You’ll be at The Last Bookstore, were you’ll easily be able to spend hours browsing. If you’re in the mood for a drink after, as you wander back to Traction, stop at Angel City Brewery for a pint or two. (Brent and I drank plenty of Yeti and Dirt Wolf IPAs last night so we passed) I plan a pretty good date, huh Brent? Especially when it ends with watching The Martian 😉


Pie Hole

Chicken Cornbread Pot Pie + Apple Crumble Pie

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Brent spotted Dogtown Dogs outside of the Angel City Brewery and stopped for tots.FullSizeRender_3

The Last Bookstore

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Little Tokyo!FullSizeRender_4

And click on the photo below to take this super hard marathon quiz. I scored a 18/26. Yeah, it’s a D+, but it was really hard. What did you score? Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 8.16.42 PM

Is marathon training slowing me down?

Last week’s ten mile tempo run felt awful. I was scrambling at the end of each mile to get in the 7:30 range, and definitely wasn’t in a flow. I wanted a do-over, so I set out for another ten mile tempo attempt in hopes of a better experience. This was definitely a huge confidence boost, especially after a long day of work, but it made me think…is marathon training slowing me down? In August I ran 13.1 at a 6:39 pace. Yeah, it was a race, but shouldn’t a 7:14 feel fairly easy? When my mileage was much lower, I’d run in the 6’s frequently, but that hasn’t been happening lately. Track feels harder, my easy runs are getting slower…but I think that’s a sign of good training, right? When you’re training for a marathon you should be tiring your legs out, so they get used to running through fatigue. I’m in the peak of New York training, so it shouldn’t feel easy peasy. Next week we’re running 23, then mileage decreases so that we’re ready for the marathon. Does anyone else feel like marathon training makes them slow? img_1973

In the Equitas world, another week in the books. It was a week of lows (surprise audits + cramming too much in my schedule) and highs (adorable scholars + awesome teammates), but it ended on a high. Our teachers are rocking it in their classrooms, we’re starting to really push instruction, the teamwork is incredible, and we’re getting great feedback during our observations. We’ve finally got something good going at lunch and snack! Fun fact, getting 100 five year olds to eat in an orderly fashion is really hard. This week our scholars earned their college shirts! They’ll wear them with pride on Fridays.

And as an Executive Team we met this week at the hub in the Arts District. We reflected on our beginning of year data and set network goals. I felt stressed about leaving the building, but being away from scholars and the day-to-day helped me think big picture. My mantra for the year is “There is no achievement gap at Equitas Academy #3.” I’m pretty proud of this shot I got outside of the building 🙂 I haven’t spent too much time in the Little Tokyo/Arts District area. Sushi, Pie Hole and The Last Bookstore are on my list to explore in LA.

Back to running. Speaking of slow running, last week was supposed to be less mileage, but this 15 mile run was harder than our 21 miler and pretty slow because we ran up a mountain. It was SO hot as we ran to the top of the Hollywood sign. I’ve never been so excited to see a water fountain. The run built crazy mental toughness. We rewarded ourselves with acai bowls at Erewhon afterwards. Thanks for planning it, Marianne!

img_1928 FullSizeRender (71)

But it was OH so beautiful!I live here?Hey Valley!     And a few last school shots. Here is Gabby at Back to School Night!
And Sindy teaching her reading group.
That’s all for now. 17 miles this morning done, no plans for the rest of the day. My highest mileage week starts Monday, so I’ll be doing lots of taking it easy.