Diggin’ Deep

My plan called for a pretty easy running week. Recovery on the track (although I hate the 200), some easy six milers, and no crazy mileage tomorrow. There was one workout I wanted to get done because I haven’t done it at all this training season. The 10 tempo. It gives a strong gage of where you’re at. And to be honest, I’m tired. This whole School Director thing is hard. I feel like I’m always playing catch up. I’m not as effective as I know I can be, which feels frustrating. At the same time, I’m so happy at work. I love going to school, and I’m excited about improving. How can I not smile when scholars say “Mrs. Lowry, look!” and show me their bubbles in their mouths? They sure were silent in the hallway and were walking on the white tape!


But…I feel like I’m always behind. Everything feels like it is planned so last minute. That’s totally not my style. I feel this weird combination of being stressed and completely satisfied. I love our school, I love our scholars, and I appreciate my team more than they’ll ever know…but woah it’s information overload. It’s not just the work, I just have this huge responsibility to deliver our mission to families who have been promised a college prepatory education. School is always on my mind. I want EQ3 to be absolutely perfect. I think about the tiniest details because I want so desperately for Equitas Academy Elementary Schools to be the best elementary schools in Los Angeles. That being said, I was tired this evening, but I went out for a 10 tempo and dug deep. After an “I’m excited because it’s Friday” mile one, and a “Oops…I went out too fast” mile two I considered turning around and calling it quits. After I knew that was a bad idea, I considered making it an easy run and just doing a slow 10. All I was thinking about were the meatballs sitting in my fridge ready to be eaten and the bottle of wine I’d be drinking on the couch, but that little voice told me to dig deep. Cheesy, but this type of workout builds grit and confidence not only in the running world but in life. I could have run an easy 10, and nobody would have known…but I pushed myself hard for a Friday evening run and I’m proud. Yeah, I’ve run way faster than this before, but this was tough, and I pushed through. I challenge you to push yourself next time you set out for a tempo and just aren’t feeling it. It builds character, and teaches you that you really are capable of more.


The turkey meatballs waiting for me at home were even tastier than ever!


And in other news…

My “recovery” run with RunMDR. Brent’s been joining us on our runs!


Sunday afternoon walk in my beautiful neighborhood…

FullSizeRender 3

And I’ll close with sharing my mid-week treat of Ubatuba Acai Bowls and empanadas delivered straight to my desk through Postmates. This could be dangerous. Ubatuba, you’re worth the hype. Acai, strawberries, bananas and cocoa nibs. Yum.FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRender_2