Summer Lovin, VO2Max + Last Week’s Workouts

Ahh I LOVE summer! Summer has been a drag the last two years with finishing up grad school at Columbia, so I am home and I am so so happy. Summer work hours have been the best. We have plenty of work to do before our teachers come back on August 10th, but the flexible hours are just wonderful. I’m working a lot, but I can run before work, I get out of the office and it’s still warm out at can hit up the pool, I’ve been going on coffee and lunch dates. Life is GOOD, and my running is finally improving too.

Camera Roll for the Week:

The vegetarian chili at The Tripel. Love those cornballs!


This week I participated in a study at Loyola Marymount for a friend of a RunMDR member. Part of the test involved a VO2Max test. I learned that I don’t push myself hard enough when I’m racing. Surprise surprise. My current VO2Max is 55. I’d be curious to see if it changes after New York training. Running with this mask thing was really hard. I felt claustrophobic and felt panicky at one point and just wanted to get it off, but I survived the test. FullSizeRender_2

Running hills at Kenneth Hahn park with RunMDR on Tuesday night. Brent came to RunMDR for the first time!


Brianna hooked me up with a new Garmin. The old one was dying, and was permanently stuck on central time which was kinda annoying. Ran with it for the first time yesterday. Getting back into distance with Marta and Ellen. Meeting at Ocean and Alta made me feel like singing “reunited and it feels so GOOD.”IMG_1047

Cecilia, Marta and I got margs and tacos at Blue Plate Taco on Ocean Blvd in Santa Monica on Friday. Tasty and great ocean front location. FullSizeRender (34)

Brent planned a date night and surprised me with dinner at Joe’s Restaurant on Abbot Kinney in Venice. I went with the four course pre-fixe and cocktail pairing. Sea bass with black gnocchi and lobster foam, white asparagus with polenta cakes, wilted spinach and morels, creamy corn soup. Not a bad Saturday night!IMG_1060

Reason 1000 why Brent is awesome. Came across this video while organizing my phone yesterday. Alaina took it at mile 24 at Boston. Click on the picture.Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 12.20.15 PM

My lovely Playa del Rey. It’s so beautiful here. Taken on my walk down to the beach on Saturday to hang out with Ashley. FullSizeRender (35)

Last Week’s Workouts:

  • Monday: I don’t even remember. Four or five miles, I think? Watchless. Oh wait, an emergency three with Marta too 🙂
  • Tuesday: Six Mile Run with Ellen in the morning and 8 hills with RunMDR in the evening. Skipped the warm-up because I’d run in the morning. 2 a days = too much laundry, but I HAD to see Ellen after she got back from her trip.
  • Wednesday: Off
  • Thursday: VO2Max Test and Four Mile Tempo (7:10 Average Pace)
  • Friday: Five Miles with Marta and Brianna in Santa Monica and SoulCycle
  • Saturday: Twelve Mile Run with Marta, Ellen and Lauren in Santa Monica/Venice. (8:32 Average Pace)
  • Sunday: Two loops at Lululemon (8:20 Average Pace)

I’m off to the beach again. We’re having a Back On My Feet beach day social. And tomorrow, OFFICIAL NY training begins.

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