Hello from NY + Friday Inspiration

Good Morning from Albany, New York. I am in some serious need of running inspiration. I found this video yesterday, and it kinda reminds me just how silly all this marathoning stuff really is. In exactly one month I’ll be running the Boston Marathon, and more than any other marathon, I cannot wait to cross that finish line. This week’s runs have been blah. I’ve been stretching and icing like a crazy woman, but am getting very little running in. I am trying to love the marathon, but right now I just don’t. I had so much fun at the LA Marathon running the half. Can’t wait to get back to halfs and 10Ks.

This week I flew to NYC, and spent Wednesday visiting schools before taking the train up to Albany. My whole family will be in New York this weekend, so I wanted to get my long run out of the way before my school visit on Wednesday morning. 7AM, 27 degrees, snow flurries and this dumb Angelino tried to walk out in shorts and a long sleeve. Carmen looked at me like, uhh, do you have any pants? I switched to capris, but it wasn’t my legs that were cold. This was the most miserable long run. I ran a much slower pace because I spent the entire run breathing into my sleeves. 5 seconds one side, then switching to the next. I almost turned around so many times, but I just wanted to get the sucker done. Boston’s got to be easier that this, right? At one point I tried to take a picture but my fingers were in so much pain I couldn’t unzip my spibelt. It was a warm 30 degrees when I finished my run. Capris, no gloves and a lulu long sleeve shirt wasn’t enough. The one positive was I didn’t have to ice my leg after the run!

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Here in Albany it’s even colder, so I stuck to the hotel gym. The first day was a fail. I got to the gym too late (all the other a-type principals were hogging the treadmills). I got on the elliptical for 20 minutes then called it quits. Today I waited patiently in line and managed a whole three miles! Hoping to get at least 1 or 2 decent runs in New York before flying back early next week. It’s crunch time and I am doubting myself. Can I finish pain free? Can I PR? Ahhhh! 4 weeks. I’m dreaming of the taper so that I can stretch out and be ready for Boston Marathon 2015!

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Can’t wait to be back in the city to see the whole family!

North Star Academy in Newark

North Star Academy in Newark