The Big 2-0!

Take my advice. Run your long runs with a bunch of people. It’s worth all the coordinating, adding on extra mileage if you’re running longer, driving to meet people to trun as a group. Before I joined the 10,000 running groups I run with, I’d head out for 20+ mile runs alone watching the clock, feeling sorry for myself, counting down the seconds, and being bored. I feel like a crazy person saying this, but today’s 20 miler was really FUN. It felt like an adventure. Marta, Gisele and I met at her place in Mid-City and ran three miles then met Ellen, Marianne and two of her friends and we all ran the last portion of the LA Marathon course down to the sea. We met a friend of Ellen’s in Santa Monica who ran the last 4 with us.

Check out our route:

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 12.45.31 PM

The LA Marathon is in three weeks, so the roads were packed with everyone getting their last long run in before tapering. There was so much excitement and energy as we passed groups of runners. We even ran into Brianna with Team Nutribullet in Beverly Hills. Team Nutribullet is so friendly and enthusiastic. They were super supportive when we passed them.

photo (7)Being the snobby LA runners we are, we stopped to use the bathroom at the Four Seasons in West Hollywood and had a water stop at Whole Foods. I snapped a picture of a kumquat tree. I love love love kumquats and feel the need to buy this tree. Marta also took a pic of me with my water bottle baby. Thankfully Gisele offered to run holding the bottle. I hate hate hate running with water packs. We ran the 20 averaging about an 8:20, which made sense for a slightly downhill route. Marta’s friend John saved us from ubering home by giving us a ride back to our cars. We looked and smelled beautiful. photo 3 (2)So how did it feel?

Friday Dinner: Squid Ink Spaghetti with Ground Shrimp, Red Curry Biscuits and a beer flight at The Tripel.

Friday Sleep: Slept from 9:15 PM – 6:15 AM. I need 8 hours, anything over is just wonderful! I woke up with a sore throat and a little sniffly, but my energy felt ok.

Pre-Run Breakfast: Two pieces of toast with lots of jelly.

Post-Run Snack: I was super organized and prepared and carried a peanut butter pack for right after the run. Is that whole eat 30 minutes after a long run for recovery thing true? When I got home I ate….get ready for very LA food….blueberries, granola Alaina brought me back from The Cheeseboard Collective in Berkeley, hemp and kefir as soon as I got home. There’s talk of happy hour later 🙂

Long Run Fuel: Gatorate chews and some cereal in a baggie. Didn’t feel like driving to Whole Foods or a running store for my honey stinger stuff.

Long Run Hydration: Random sips of water, water fountains, ran into Whole Foods for iced water.

Long Run Outfit: You guessed it…lululemon shorts, race t-shirt, target sports bra, my free lulu socks from run club, Nike visor.

How Did It Feel: Today was so fun. I love the running community. Everyone is so friendly and warm. Everyone out on the streets was supporting each other. I rarely looked at my watch to see how many more miles we had to run. I’m a little nervous for when the LA Marathon is over and fewer people are out running long. Gisele and Ellen, it’s gonna be us three!

Other Notes: I AM SO EXCITED FOR MARTA TO RUN LA. She is going to rock it!!!!!!! Such a strong runner. I’ll be waiting for you at the finish. Enjoy the taper. You deserve it. Also, still looking for LA Marathon donations for Girls on the Run. Seriously, any amount is GREATLY APPRECIATED. It is an empowering program for girls.

Three miles in meeting up at Ellen’s. Nice filter, eh?
photo (9)

Rather thank making this the longest post in the world, I’ll be back to tomorrow with an update from my mid-week runs, a few more recipe ideas, LA adventures with the family and details on my big night out at the Magic Castle in Hollywood!

Oh, one last thing. Look what came in the mail!

photo (8)

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