Playa Provisions


In June of 2011 Brent and I found out we were moving back to Los Angeles from Washington DC in less than a month. Brent flew out to LA for a 24 hours trip with one objective, find us an apartment. Our plan was to move to Manhattan Beach. Easy 105 access was the goal, but everything Brent found was either gorgeous and WAY too expensive or an affordable dump on the beach. Brent decided to look beyond Manhattan Beach and fell in love with an apartment in Playa del Rey. I was hesitant. I’d never even heard of Playa del Rey. It’s right by the airport and close to the bonfire beach, Dockweiler. I was skeptical but trusted his judgment. I’m so glad I did. Over the years I have become quite the Playa enthusiast and Alaina lives in Playa too!


Not only is Playa amazing for running (I live a mile from the beach path and it goes for about fifteen miles in either direction), Playa has become cooler over the years. It’s always been known as a sleepy beach community, hidden by the Ballona Wetlands. Culver Blvd, the street that runs down to the beach has some great dive bars, like The Shack and Prince O’ Wales. My true love is The Tripel, which has been around since Brent and I moved to Playa, but over the past year great new restaurants have been popping up. You’ve seen my Playa Provisions pictures before, but I wanted to write an official review.

cropped-Playa-Provisions_2014-07-08_11-09-03_IMG_9860_©RyanTanaka2014-11Playa Provisions was once Playa Cantina and Tower 42. Despite a location ON the beach, restaurants kept failing…likely due to it’s massive size. Lucky for us, The Tripel’s Brooke Williamson and her husband Nick Roberts took on the challenge and created an incredible four-concept restaurant. Playa Provisions is split up into Dockside (think nice seafood), Grain (whisky bar in the back), Small Batch (ice-cream stand) and King Beach (counter style breakfast, lunch and pastries). Although embarrassing to admit, there have been days when I’ve been to Provisions more than once. My record is three times. Once for coffee, later for lunch and a post dinner drink. I especially love the bakery. They do all kinds of fun seasonal stuff like Super Bowl cakes, Christmas cookies and Halloween cupcakes. So what do I like to order?

2015-01-29 16.12.17

My Playa Provisions Favorites List:

  • Chocolate Chip Cookie- HUGE chips, crunchy on the outside, doughy in the middle
  • Pretzel Croissant with Ham and Cheese- Ask for it warm
  • Dulce de Leche Biscuit- Buttery Deliciousness
  • Quinoa Salad- Sounds boring but the almond and corn add crunch
  • Corned Beef Sandwich- If you’re really hungry ahh it is sooo good
  • Chicken Salad- I love mayo
  • Kentucky Maid- Light and fresh cocktail
  • Crab Pops- Delicious and cute presentation
  • Lobster Mac & Cheese- Gotta love cheesy macaroni
  • NEW YEARS EVE PRE-FIXE- Collage below

I should probably stop before I list the entire menu. Basically if you live in LA, go to Playa Provisions. It’s great a snack after a trip to the beach, for families, cyclists and runners love it, for a quick drink, or for a fancy dinner. I’m a fan of going after a good workout, sipping on a latte and sharing a bunch of pastries. There’s no pressure to rush, you can lounge for as long as you like, and the location right on the beach is perfection. Anyone in for a Playa Provisions visit this weekend?

2015-01-29 16.12.33

IMG_3092I think you get the point with the pictures. Sadly this is not my entire collection of Provisions photos.


Quick Running Updates:

  • I got bullied into running a 5K on Sunday with the RunMDR crew so I’ll do the rest of my long run miles after that.
  • Beach Yoga is happening on Saturday again. I love beach yoga with Brad!!!!
  • I did the mile challenge at track this week in 5:48. I haven’t run a mile since high-school PE! Excited to improve my time.
  • I say this all the time, but I really need to foam roll more. Maybe I should take my foam roller to work.
  • We’re at $325! Help Ellen and I meet our goal!

I’ll be back Sunday with a 5K update and long run notes!

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