Last Week’s Runs + 10 Highlights from the Week

I had a great running week! I did some speed work, did some long runs over the weekend, ran my fastest tempo and kept the rest day sacred. I’m not running a race anytime soon so it’s nice to run what I feel like doing rather than following a plan. I’ll likely be taking this next week a little easier and do a bit more yoga.

This week’s runs included:

  • Monday: 5 Mile Run in Playa. 7:45 pace.
  • Tuesday: I FINALLY went to Marina Del Rey’s Track Workout. We ran 8×200, 3×400, and 2×800. It DREAD track, but never regret going.
  • Wednesday: 1/4 Mile Sprint at Back on My Feet for the relay and 3 Mile slow watchless jog to prevent track soreness.
  • Thursday: Off. Ladies Night at Public School 310 followed by fro-yo at Menchies.
  • Friday: 4 Mile Tempo. 6:45 pace.
  • Saturday: 13 Mile Run with Gisele in Manhattan Beach.
  • Sunday: 9 Mile Run with Lululemon Run Club!

photo (31)

  1. I am still patiently waiting for the birth of my second nephew. I’ll be in DC in two weeks to see the entire family!
  2. Back on My Feet made us feel so special throughout Volunteer Appreciation Week. Below is a picture of us after our glow stick relay on Wednesday morning. We looked like crazy people sprinting all out at 5:30 in the morning in Santa Monica. Poor Joe was sore for days. Saturday Back on My Feet treated us to appetizers and drink specials at Golden Road Brewery. It was in the valley and crazy hot but their beer and FOOD is amaaaaazing and it’s always fun to see Lesley and the Back on My Feet gang. We will be back for more. Fried avocado tacos, fried artichokes, HUGE pretzels. YES PLEASE! (See Alaina’s lovely photo above). Speaking of HOT weather, I smelled like a sweaty middle schooler at school this week. 99 degree weather and no air conditioning is no fun. You know it’s bad when you can’t stand your own smell.1450748_377052995779142_6424510717092434081_n
  3. Marta and I participated in our FIRST (and let’s be real..probably last) running photo shoot. KIPP LA Schools is making a teacher recruitment video so they filmed me running on the beach, Marta and I doing yoga on the sand and us getting food at The Tripel. We felt like celebrities! 10453430_10203093765445540_3275409913494132575_n
  4. I felt sad about not running the LA Marathon on its 30th anniversary year. I’m a restless runner, but not a crazy runner so there was no way I was going to sign up to run LA and do Boston a month later. Instead I decided to sign up to fundraise for Girls on the Run again and run the charity relay! Ellen and I will be rockin the streets on LA in March as a team!1465324_376983199119455_6179776546793758048_n
  5. After my Friday tempo we went to First Fridays and were reunited with Kogi Sliders. Poor Marta was too sick to go. Marta, let’s go find the Kogi truck this week! img_6875
  6. Gisele and I ran from Manhattan Beach all the way down to mile marker 0.0 in Torrance on the Marvin Braude Beach Path. The miles fly by when you’re catching up with friends!
  7. LasouthbaybiketrailI tried two new recipes! Quinoa Enchilada Bake (looks weird but tastes good) and Goat Cheese and Corn Quesadillas. I’d recommend both (although the enchiladas need mozzarella too so that the corn sticks!)
  8. photo 1 (15) photo 2 (15)Brent and I went to Dockside at Playa Provisions for date night. Playa Provisions is a 4 in 1 deal (breakfast/lunch counter, ice-cream shop, bar and seafood dinner spot) and although we’ve spent a LOT of time at Provisions, we never ate at Dockside, the seafood restaurant. It was SO SO SO good. Reconfirmed why Brooke Williamson is my favorite chef in LA. My favorite menu item was the Fried Crab Claw Pop below.
  9. Crab_Claw_Pops3©RyanTanaka2014 b48eac6dc4388b3cc667790a751dc587We got our official pictures back from Ragnar. Check out the Ragnerds!
  10. race_178_photo_10294766Brent ran his last long run before Long Beach Marathon NEXT WEEKEND! I can’t wait to cheer for him!



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