Five Movement Tips

Running 85 miles the week before I came to New York and now averaging 20 miles a week feels strange. I miss my long, slow, meditative runs. I miss the feeling of accomplishment after I face my fear of the track. I am also experiencing run club buddy withdrawal syndrome. I hope they have not forgotten about me! As an endurance junkie, I am having trouble with sitting through class from 8AM to 7PM, and ending the day with even more work at the library. Working at a school I rarely sit for more than a few minutes. A few classmates and I have taken measures to add more movement into our day. Does your work involve a lot of sitting? Follow these simple steps to give you quick boosts of energy!

  1. Go on a morning and afternoon power walk. At the Summer Principals Academy we get 15 minute breaks at 10:45 and 3:00. A few cohort members and I use this as an opportunity to see the sun and power walk down Broadway. Sometimes we even stop for some quick yoga moves. Power walks give my brain a much needed break.
  2. Recruit a co-worker to join you in the plank challenge. Plank is one of the best core strengtheners. It’s also really fun to get creative and find strange places to plank. My favorite this week, the park bench in Riverside Park.
  3. Always take the stairs. Always. Even at the 181st stop off the A train. It will make you stronger!
  4. Two miles is better than no miles. Yesterday morning I ran two miles. It’s all I had time for before class. I could have easily stayed in bed, convincing myself it wasn’t worth the effort. Although two miles isn’t ideal, I still got some endorphins.
  5. Drink lots of waterNot only will you gain the many benefits of proper hydration, you’ll be forced to get up move during your many trips to the bathroom.
photo (23)

Frisbee on the Lawn, Power Walks, Quick Morning Run to Yankee Stadium, Two Miler, Plank Challenge and Stairs!

How do you do to add more movement to your day?