Mizuno Baton Update

Last week I started the Mizuno Baton Challenge in support of Back on My Feet. For every mile I run this week, Mizuno will donate $1 to Back on My Feet. It’s been a fun challenge for me before I leave for New York. It’s also been a great (free) way to spend time with my friends. This week I have embraced the double run, running a few miles with Back on My Feet (Alaina ran her first three miles this week!!), then later with Brent, and I’ve also thrown in a track workout with Gisele and Joe down in Long Beach with A Running Experience (AREC).

[Side note: I wish I lived closer to Long Beach. AREC is such a fun running group. Everyone is super friendly, it attracts all runners and has a family feel. More on AREC in a later post.]

So according to the app I am nearly at 60 miles. The baton is a little generous. I ran 10 miles with Brent and it logged me at just over 11, so I’m gonna go for 80 knowing I probably ran more like 70/75. This is MORE mileage than I have EVER run. Check out my tips and a few pics below.

photo 1 (3)

A few tips if you’re planning on doing a Mizuno Baton App week:

1. Run SLOW. You’ll be able to run much higher mileage and recover quickly if you take it easy.

2. Don’t do the Santa Monica Stairs on your first day. That was a dumb idea.

3. Make it social. Run with friends. Visit new run clubs. Do the Mizuno Challenge with a friend.

4. Did I mention run slow?

photo 2 (5)

AREC Track Workout, Joe’s Bday Celebration at BoMF, Running on the Beach with Balloons, Santa Monica Stairs

Final update coming Friday morning!