The Pigeon Movement

Karen got me hooked on planking during her thirty day plank challenge. It is such an efficient core workout, and I’m now able to plank five minutes straight! It’s the perfect ab workout for a restless runner. Notice the multi-tasking happening in the photo below. I can respond to school emails while getting stronger. Planking in public is the latest workout trend, and at the fifth grade campus we start our day with a one minute team plank. As much as I love community planking, I propose we start a new movement. The pigeon movement.

Pigeon pose opens the hip joint and lengthens the hip flexor. It also stretches the thighs, gluteals and piriformis muscles and extends the groin and psoas. It is the perfect stretch for tight runners, and has also proven effective in calming nerves and relieving stress. My body craves pigeon, but I just don’t do it enough. People look at you funny when you do pigeon because it’s incredibly awkward looking. In April I ran the SoCal Ragnar Relay from Huntington Beach to San Diego. After 20+ miles of running on no sleep I stopped caring what people thought, and plopped myself on the ground and started a pigeon movement with my teammates. I think it’s time we stop caring. We can be healthier and happier runners if we pigeon more often. No, pigeon won’t get you rock hard abs, but it’ll support you in running more miles. So who’s in? Let’s start The Pigeon Movement!

SoCal Ragnar Pigeon Party