New York Markets

This is my final week in New York City! It has been a summer of case studies, self-reflection, group work, New School Design Presentations and very little sleep. Outside of class I have found time to meet up with old ACS friends, hang out with family and make new friends. I have been on planes, trains and automobiles shuffling from Morningside Height to Brooklyn, Southampton, Washington DC and Westchester so that I could make the most of my time here. Of course I have missed Brent while I have been away, but I have also missed my kitchen! I love eating out, and New York offers some of the best dining, but it gets old fast. My Columbia dorm room microwave and I have become good friends, but I won’t be sad to say goodbye. Carmen and Jim have let me take over their kitchen once or twice a week, and with all the markets New York City has to offer, there has been no lack of cooking inspiration.

Here are a few of my favorites:

The Fairway Market really is like no other market. My closest location is right on the Hudson River in Harlem. During our first two weeks at Columbia, Meredith and I frequented the market for post-run gatorade and to buy ingredients for dinner. They specialize in unique, hard to find imported ingredients. I especially like their olive oil selection, coffee from around the world, fresh ravioli, olive bar and the cheese samples. Oh, and don’t forget to bring a sweater! Much of their food is in the huge refrigerated section of the store, so don’t plan on browsing too much. My favorite meal from Fairway was sweet pea ravioli with primavera marinara.

The Columbia Farmer’s Market makes Thursday’s happy. Yes, you’re paying way more than you would at the grocery store for fruit, sweet treats, yogurt and pickles, but it’s right outside our program building and there is something so nice about meeting the people producing your food. Plus, buying a fresh apple raspberry crumble pie and eating it with classmates during conflict resolution is always a good idea.

Milano Market is on the pricier side, but it is Italian food lover’s dream. I’ve stolen ideas from their deli, like the fusilli with sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes and grape tomatoes I made tonight at Carmen and Jim’s. What I like most about Milano Market is their tossed salad bar. For $8.50 you can enjoy unlimited toppings, which sounds expensive but it you get all your veggies in, and you could pack in enough to make it last two meals. Unlike many New York tossed salad bars, the ingredients are fresh and they have a wide variety like pesto chicken, roasted bell peppers, artichokes and kalamata olives, along with all the regulars.

Westside Market is the most “grocery store” of the four, but it’s still worth blogging. Their deli has been especially comforting when I want a home cooked meal but don’t have access to a kitchen. I’ve enjoyed their grilled vegetables, risotto and quinoa salad. They also have a huge selection of fresh breads, cheeses, spreads and desserts. I stopped by here before yogaing with Shannon in Central Park to pick up some post-yoga picnic items. Their olive focaccia with their sun-dried tomato tapenade was heavenly. 
One more week in the city and it’s back to LA. I’ll be back next summer for part two, and I’ll know exactly where to shop for yummy food 🙂

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