The Tripel

When Brent and I found out we were moving back to Los Angeles, we were set on living west of the 405, ideally in Venice, Santa Monica or Manhattan Beach. Brent had just 24 hours to find an apartment before he had to fly back to DC. He found countless bungalows that were just steps from the beach, but they all lacked basic amenities. A few hours into the search, Brent called me telling me he found a great option in Playa del Rey. I was hesitant, never having spent any time there, but ultimately trusted his instincts and signed the lease to our new apartment. We have lived her almost a year, and I absolutely love it! Playa del Rey, tucked away between the Ballona Wetlands, is the epitome of a chill beach community in Los Angeles. 

Playa del Rey is a dive bar lover’s dream, but sandwiched between The Shack and Prince O’Wales is this gem. The Tripel has become my new favorite gastropub in LA. It’s walking distance from my apartment, which is unheard of in Los Angeles. Their snobby menu includes addictive sweet potato tots, the genius caramelized onion and slaw pretzel burger, and garlic fries you’ll dream of. For the adventurous, they serve crispy frog legs and charred baby octopus. Last weekend Brent and I spent a few hours reading on the beach, and on the way home we stopped by The Tripel for brunch. We had “The Cure,” the pretzel burger topped with a fried egg and avocado, banana bread french toast, and pear beer cocktails. The Tripel takes pride in their food, and has an incredibly vast beer selection. Perfect for brunch, lunch or dinner. 

Culver Blvd, Playa del Rey